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Wolf Orders Investigation into Stack

Mike-Stack-258x300Governor Tom Wolf has ordered the Office of Inspector General to investigate Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s treatment of his security detail and employees in Lieutenant Governor’s mansion.  

The Caucus first reported on the investigation that is being led by Inspector General Bruce Beamer.  

Stack and his wife are accused of verbally abusing their security detail and staff at the LG’s mansion.  

The investigation will test the strength of an already tenuous relationship between Wolf and Stack.  

Since Governor and Lieutenant Governor are nominated separately, Wolf and and Stack were forced onto the same ticket in 2014.  During the campaign that year, Wolf and Stack barely campaigned side-by-side, only making one campaign appearance together.  

Since taking office, the two have not grown closer, continuing to shy away from joint appearances.  

Depending on the results of the investigation, it could open the door to a primary challenge for Stack.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to Lieutenant Governor Stack’s office for comment.

20 Responses

  1. Governor Wolf look in the mirror. Your treatment of staff is a total disgrace. We have all heard your mouth. No different than Tonya’s

    bungy- gov boy parts don’t work and no balls

  2. I may have been wrong on my 1st post. I now believe the wife is the one who is sexually frustrated, due to Her husband’s Governor McGreevy type mannerisms.

  3. Mary Secret-

    Wolf is definitely the amateur in that group.

    Just call me Sue-

    Well, at least Mrs Stack didn’t throw a soda on the cops. They might have shot her.

    Stupid IS-

    Emails can really bite you in the ass. But, the biggest bites come from the people you screw over the first time around. If Wolf had actually helped the Dems close the legislative gap with the GOP, instead of increasing the GOP majority, the Dems could forgive some slights. But, adding insult to injury isn’t going to cut it.

    The lack of smart political leadership from Wolf, the PA Dems, the HDCC and the SDCC spells doom for the Dems in the state legislature climbing out of their hole in the minority.

    Wolf and Groen failed to deliver PA for Hillary (though they did manage to deliver many expensive rides for Uber).

    Stack “gets” it. Anyone who sees through their bullsh*t is a threat.

  4. Rendell, Shapiro, Groen, Burn, Dougherty, Brady have in common? Wolf hates all of them. They are men, wolf is a boy.

  5. Stack wife yells at cops… OMG lets investigate…. Nation of Wusses.
    Commonwealth full of pussies. Well except Stack’s Wife she has balls. She isn’t taking your shit.

  6. Humpty Wolfie sat on a wall,
    Humpty Wolfie had a great fall;
    All the Governors horses and all the Governors men
    Couldn’t put Wofie together again

    Who in the HELL gives this man advice??
    Let’s look at the big picture.
    Wolf Buys the primary election
    Corbett is so hated across the state that a dead cat could beat him
    Corbett loses the general election, Wolf takes over
    From day one he and his pack start their political revenge.

    Wolf refuses to even talk to democrat leaders across the state that didn’t support him in the primary. His/Mary revenge on state committee for refusing to endorse wolf starts.
    State elected House and Senate leaders try and build a relationship with Wolf and his pack. All fails, wolf demands they fall on their sword for no reason.

    House and Senate realize they must vote against wolf and his pack ideas before they are all destroyed. Don’t forget the millions Wolf and his failed budget cost the tax payers.
    Wolf and his pack order all agencies under the Governor to stop all constituency services to all House and Senate members who vote against him. He orders them to hold up all requests.
    THESE are REAL people with REAL needs.
    Mary/Wolf screams flips out on all members. Swears, calls them names (but that’s all ok)

    Wolf and his pack are such fools they email this order. House and Senate have a copy of the emails from Wolf and Mary to play revenge games with these public servants.

    Lt. Gov Stack refuses to take part in these games. Wolf now comes after Stack. But forgot the emails and text messages House and Senate have on all the political games wolf plays.

    WOLF how STUPID can you possibly be??? You sink so low that you even attack Lt Governor wife… That is just lowlife scum behavior.
    I guess you will learn what happens when you piss on an electric fence.

  7. RitasWaterIce-

    Water ice and revenge are dishes both served cold.

    Stack has been too much of a gentleman (so far) to air Wolf’s dirty laundry, but if Wolf keeps up this petty bullsh*t, then Stack has plenty of ammo for self-defense.

    Wolf picked the wrong fight here.

  8. Wolf is pathetic. Dividing the party once again to do a hand picked candidate. Thank God he had Stack today anyone else would have told the truth about what’s really going on behind the scene. If I was Stack I’d run against this pathetic little man who’s done NOTHING for any Democrat in the State!
    Are these people ever gonna govern or campaign badly the whole time ?

  9. John-

    That’s an understatement. Not completely sure how it started, but there is certainly a difference in political philosophy.

    Stack, as a former senator, understands the importance of having Dems in the legislature to support the agenda, if you want to be a successful governor.

    Wolf took the opposite approached and f*cked the down-ticket dem candidates to “appease” the GOP. Of course, it turned out exactly to be the fiasco every sane/intelligent person warned him it would be.

    I don’t know whether their “rift” originated from that, or there were other factors/alliances in play in the whole power struggle involving Wolf, Rendell, Shapiro, Marcel, Burn, Dougherty, Brady, Philly vs Allegheny, the screw-ups at HDCC/SDCC and the legislative leadership, as well as the political consultants sucking off the teats of their power-partners and getting sweetheart deals to piss away donor money.

    You’ve got Wolf/Rendell up the oil/gas industry asses deeper than fracking well. You’ve got Shapiro taking $150,000 from the charter school PAC (run by 3 millionaires) that is indistinguishable from a bribe to look the other way. You’ve got the power-play that ousted Kane to make room for little Joshy.

    And let’s not forget Uber-gate and the questionable charges on the state committee credit card. Some of the behavior looks like an attempt by the Wolf-pack to get around the “gift-ban” by laundering the gifts through state committee and other sources to provide perks.

    I look forward to a full audit of the state committee books since Marcel took over.

  10. This is a preemptive strike by the Wolf-pack out of paranoia that Stack will primary Wolf (or primary Joshy if Wolf backs out).

    They real abuse here is the Wolf-pack using state resources and personnel on a bullsh*t, made-up story concocted by their stooges.

    There is a lot of dirt that the Wolf-pack won’t be able to keep swept under the rug.

    Given what I’ve heard about how the Wolf administration has handled the staffing related to the Gov mansion, and what some might consider a pay-off job for a big contributor, the Wolf-pack may have to chew their legs off to escape the trap they just stepped into.

    This is going to be a self-inflicted wound for them.

    Last night was a full moon and maybe they went all werewolf on abusing their positions for politics.

    Unfortunately, the TRUTH is going to be the silver bullet that they didn’t expect.

  11. This little incident with Classy Mrs. Stack was two years ago:
    Democratic State Rep. Kevin Boyle said Tonya Stack flipped him off and threw an entire cup of soda at him inside a Northeast Philadelphia parish hall Saturday.

    The alleged incident took place inside St Dominic Church’s parish hall during a fundraiser for the family of slain Northeast Philly military veteran Michael Strange.

    “She sat down and flipped me the bird within three to four seconds of sitting down,” said Boyle, adding that he assumed the obscene gesture was related to his ongoing beef with Stack. “After she gave me the bird, I said, ‘What a trashy move.’”

    The next moment, Boyle claims, he was covered in what he described as a dark-colored soda.

    “She aimed the soda at me and it landed directly on me hitting from my chest to my lap,” he said.

  12. This’ll make Easter dinner a little tense. By the way, I don’t believe “Governor Stacks office” exists.

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