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Wolf, Others Call for Caltagirone’s Resignation

Governor Tom Wolf called for state Rep. Thomas Caltagirone’s (D-Berks) resignation after it was reported House Democrats paid $250k to settle a sexual harassment claim against him.  Others have begun adding their calls for his resignation as well.

“Verbal and physical harassment is flat-out wrong, whether towards an employee or any other person. Rep. Caltagirone should resign,” Wolf said according to the Patriot News.  

It was revealed on Tuesday that the House Democratic Caucus paid $248,000 from their budget to settle a sexual harassment claim against Caltagirone.  

Earlier this week Wolf called for the resignation of state Sen. Daylin Leach in light of allegations of sexual harassment against him.  

State Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery), who is running for Lieutenant Governor, also called for the resignation of Caltagirone, and for the reimbursement of the money used to settle the claims.  

“I call on Rep. Caltagirone and Sheriff Williams—and any other elected official that has used taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment suits—to resign immediately and to reimburse the taxpayers,” Dean said in a statement.  

The state House reportedly paid out $30,000 to settle a claim against Williams while he was in the House, he is now the Philadelphia Sheriff.

Update: State Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-Delaware) added her name to the list of those calling for Caltagirone’s resignation.

“The women legislators, staff, and interns of the General Assembly deserve better than to find out in the newspaper that a prominent elected official has a concerning history of harassment claims against him,” Krueger-Braneky said.

“With a solemn and heavy heart, I must join Governor Tom Wolf in calling on Representative Caltagirone to resign from the Pennsylvania House, effective immediately.”

21 Responses

  1. This woman worked for with a friend of mine at the state police and she left there after making similar claims and getting a payday. There are serial male predators and there are females that are habitual sexual harassment complainants, once they game the system once they have a blueprint on how to shake someone down the next time. Its so easy to destroy a public officials career with allegations these days and litigious individuals know it!

  2. Golden Rule-All who cast the first stone must stand for interrogation to prove your cleanliness. First to stand of the pure 7 and open unprofessed: King of Judgement Our Governor Wolf who seems to have zilch to do but request resignations.

    Your public band on gifts. Please list publicly all the Wolfpack you have mandated be hired into your administration, Boards, or forced to be hired by the State Democrat Party (with absolutely no qualifications)

    List their names and their taxpayer wage, as well as why you think your gift of taxpayer wages isn’t a gift. Or the wage of the forced State Party wages that are paid by donations to the party? Why are you exempt from the Gift band?

    Are you currently/or have you been using Democrat Party State staff (paid by others) to work your campaign but failing to report the expense on your own campaign finance reports?

    Are you currently Harassing, Threating elected officials if they don’t link themselves to your outbreaks that they will be chastised –remember like you did to the State Reps that refused to join you in the past. Remember? If not I can post (Jeff’s) email he send out directing all services to their constituents be interrupted.

    Name all your staff who are currently under investigation by any agencies, FBI, United States Attorney General. Etc.? Their name and position.

    Lastly, for now, did you have a government agency harass the 2nd Lady? Did you violate her civil rights? Will a story of these violations be released to the public soon?

    The pure 7: more queries to come. Governor Wolf, Aubrey Montgomery, Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-Delaware), Patty Kim (D-Dauphin), Democrat Young Democrats, State Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery),and Allegheny County Chair Nancy Mills

    1. Can we post the qualifications of all GOP House/Senate staff? We all know you guys sit around and play WOW all day.

      Bunch of LVC LIGHT-WEIGHTS!!

  3. Who signed the checks for this criminal mis-use of public funds? Where is the Auditor General and the Attorney General? When will this end….and why has there been no indictments?

  4. The Gov’s holier-than-thou arrogance ignores that he puts himself above the rule of law and only enforces laws he agrees with.
    How will his campaign manager spin that next year.
    And he is not saying anything about who approved the payments for Caltigarone.

  5. What a joke. All these clowns should be gone. All the great overpaid minds in that building all this stuff to occur???? Where does dermody and dingy nora figure this creep gets the benefit of confidentiality???? These losers should get out in the real world. They are pro sexual harassment and should be gone TOMORROW!!! STOP introducing resolutions and go box up this creep’s office stuff and throw it out on 3rd street. Bunch of cowards in the capitol. Talk talk talk and NOTHING ever changes.

  6. By Dean’s logic, it’s Dermody who should resign. Only the caucus Leader can authorize such settlements.

  7. Wolf makes Trump look smart.
    Democrats better start recruiting a new candidate for Governor. Wolf Must resign. Wait until the Civil Rights violations against Wolf come out.

    United States Attorney General are you watching Pennsylvanian? Have you moved in yet?

    1. When’s Tommy gonna fire Yesenia Bane who’s currently under an ethics investigation- probably will be swept under the rug like everything else because she’s a minority.

  8. What? Another Democrat jumps without thinking. I see a new trend emerging from the Democrats. Total crazy. Does anyone notice how insane you have become?
    I noticed Dean and Wolf open yet another Pandora Box-Who approved these payments and now that person(s) must also be made public so yet again this group of “purest” must demand more resignations.
    Democrats are destroying the Democrats across this great commonwealth. Hehehe I am even starting to feel bad for your party filled with these nuts. Somebody better start thinking.
    Updated list: Thank you again Gov and Girls.
    Until further notice
    Governor Wolf, Aubrey Montgomery, Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-Delaware), Patty Kim (D-Dauphin), Democrat Young Democrats, State Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery),and Allegheny County Chair Nancy Mills
    Will be unable to fill their elected duties due to Democrat Resignation demand duties.
    What democrat is your next hehehehe-keep them coming

    Democrats cost taxpayers millions in their “get even campaign”
    I cant wait for 2018 election season to start.

  9. Wolf needs to resign too. None of this information coming out is NEW. Tom just chose to look the other way.

    1. Slime-

      Wolf is pretty out-of-touch and doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the legislators. He completely abandoned them in 2014, leading to negative coattails.

      He was probably unaware of this until his staff filled him in before the story broke.

      The big question is what did Marcel, his failure pick for State Chairman, know and when did he know about Daylin?

      1. David-
        Who is this Marcel of which you speak??? Lol, his silence in ALL matters is golden!
        I had forgotten there was a State Chair.
        Certainly LEADERSHIP qualities in that one.
        Definitely a case of be careful what you wish for, he’s wanted this position for what, over 8 years and this is what we got?

        1. Slime-

          The consensus opinion has been that Marcel wanted the gig so he could get an ambassadorship to the Netherlands. I also suspect that the Wolf-Rendell gang wanted control of the money/contracting (and perks like tickets/access) for the DNC convention, and needed their stooge in charge of State Committee. Jim Burn wasn’t going to satisfy their sweet tooths.

          Marcel should have resigned in disgrace after losing PA’s electoral votes for the first time in 24 years. BECAUSE, he absolutely 100% would have taken credit if the state went blue. He was already patting himself and taking a victory lap a week before the election. Probably had his bags packed for Netherlands, too.

          I saw Wolf in January, after the election. I asked him point-blank if he had a replacement in mind for Marcel. He actually said, “Why would I replace him?” I “reminded” him that we lost PA in the election under Marcel.

          Maybe Marcel has naked pictures of him or something? Who knows?

          1. Could be-

            1) Daylin threw Alan Grayson under the bus IMMEDIATELY after a (false) accusation.

            2) What Daylin is accused of is not criminal, so no court of law. This is politics, and the court is the court of public opinion.

            3) Daylin’s own statements attacking the women are by themselves sufficient to call for his resignation.

        2. Maybe Groen learned in Law school the personal liability you assume when freely attack people on hearsay. Or maybe he learned in law school people need to be found guilty by a court of law, not some governor and his friends. Or maybe he isn’t stupid. His job is to get Democrats elected not removed.

          1. Could be-
            Or could it be that Marcel is personally friends with Daylin? Could it be why Val Staab went on a drunken rant whilst in NY for PA Society just a few weeks ago? Val would have never written those words if it’s not what Marcel believed. Could it be that Marcel and Val are seeing their friend being taken down by “ some Governor and his friends” and are now crying foul? Could it be that Marcel doesn’t see anything wrong with a little slap and tickle in the office?

  10. My guess is that the perp and the accuser chopped the money up and had a good laugh when the check cleared. That’s the way we usually play government in our Pixburgh crime family.

    1. Interesting thought. When the 127th Rep. was running for re-election the year of his previous troubles, his ex-wife did commercials for him that ran on local cable!!

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