Wolf Releases New ‘Profit Sharing’ Video (With Video)

Another week has gone by, and as expected, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Tom Wolf released another video.

This latest web video, entitled “Profit Sharing,” focuses on Wolf’s company and its 20% to 30% profit sharing model. The video features workers and associates who speak to Wolf’s business sense and kindness.

“What better way to say to somebody, ‘We want you to act like an owner of this business,’ than to give you a share of the profits,” said Dave Confer, Vice Chairman, Secretary and General Counsel at the Wolf Organization

Cindi Kelly, an employee, said, “I think if you were to talk to my children today, they would remember the cruise they were taken on for the first time and know that it came from Mom’s profit-sharing at Wolf.”

Wolf echoes many of the sentiments that he captured in his latest television ad, which discussed his ability to treat his employees with respect while simultaneously building a profitable business.

wolf profit sharing“Profit Sharing” uses his Wolf’s business success as the archetype for building a stronger Pennsylvania on the basis of secure, middle-class jobs.

“To the extent that any community has strong, middle-class jobs and a strong middle-class, it is a healthy community,” Wolf says. “When you have a community that is losing middle-class jobs, you have a community that is losing its vibrancy and its economic health. And I think Pennsylvania, like every other state, has to do everything in its power to make sure that we are building the middle-class and not destroying it.”

Earlier in the month, Wolf released an ad that denounced Governor Corbett’s budget proposal, calling many of the initiatives — or lack there of — “unacceptable.”

His first television ad featured the tagline, “I’m Tom Wolf and I’ll be a different kind of governor.”

In late December of last year Wolf released his first web video, “Made in Pennsylvania” — a promise to bring more manufacturing jobs back to the state if elected.

Wolf faces State Treasurer Rob McCord, former DEP Secretaries Katie McGinty and John Hanger, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, pastor Max Myers and Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz in the Democratic primary for governor.


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5 thoughts on “Wolf Releases New ‘Profit Sharing’ Video (With Video)”

  1. frank says:

    Tom wolf would make a great governor very sincere and cares about pa but you know what they say nice guys finish last.hopefuly this isnt true.

  2. tommyd says:

    Maybe Tom Wolf would be the best candidate for governor, Elroy, but generally, one should have to pay for political advertisements. I’m sure PoliticsPA could use the cash.

  3. elroy hirsch says:

    Tom Wolf is the real deal. The man has an incredible story and is willing to lead our state. The citizens of PA need to embrace him with financial support and a vote. We need a person with integrity and real business experience to get the state back on track. Peace Corps, MIT, Secretary of Revenue, successful businessman; we could all be proud of our Governor again.

  4. PAINDY1 says:

    Three least popular people in Western PA: 1. Tom Corbett. 2 World Class Jeff Romoff of UPMC and 3. Former Pirate Bobby Bonds. Maybe the Corbett team can get an endorsement from Bobby Bonds, who is really World Class. http://youtu.be/P9DHA2dJ7uQ

  5. PAINDY1 says:

    Maybe the Corbett team can issues a video on their new political marriage partner, World Class Jeff Romoff’s version of profit sharing in a 501(c) 3. http://youtu.be/1iv6X6OpYv0

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