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Wolf Unveils Ethics Reform Plan

Governor Tom Wolf revealed his ethics reform plan that includes a gift ban for all public officials and stopping lawmakers pay if the budget deadline passes without a budget.

“This proposal enforces strict standards for how Harrisburg operates and it will rebuild trust in government. My plan will make sure that our citizens are the ones calling the shots – not entrenched special interests,” Wolf said.  

The proposal would expand the gift ban Governor Wolf put into place for all executive branch employees to all public officials in the other two branches.  

Wolf also called for a “No Budget, No Pay” bill that would stop lawmaker’s pay if the budget is not passed on time.  The budget has been late in each of Wolf’s years in office.

Limits on campaign contributions is included in the plan, including limits from individuals to candidates and aggregate limits on money given to races.  Wolf’s proposed reforms would also place restrictions on PACs and increase the disclosure requirements.

Wolf’s proposal also would include a requirement for elected officials to disclose outside income.

12 Responses

  1. Wolf and his GIFTS. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
    Wolf exposed for his Big Parma campaign money deals 3/12
    Wolf exposed for his BIG Oil and Gas money deals 3/13
    Wolf gave 2 million of your TAX DOLLARS to Paul Mango to teach him government.
    Wolf the biggest Corrupt Governor in History of Pa, is what History will show.
    Tip of the Wolfberg
    GIFTS check out his buddies and their GIFTS. TAXPAYER GIFTS
    Wait until the FBI starts leaking stories.
    Time for Wolf to resign.

  2. No budget, no pay isn’t a bad idea so long as the clock starts running on the legislature July 1. If the House and Senate do not pass a budget by then, they shouldn’t be paid. But if the Gov. vetoes the budget, in no way should that trigger this gimmick by Wolf. Wolf created all the budget impasses and now he’s trying to deflect. Remember, he conceded after putting school districts through the process of borrowing millions of dollars, paying exorbitant interest rates, all because of HIS unwillingness to sign a budget.

    1. Wolf cost the state MILLIONS by his little hissy fit. Wait until the records show how much county and school boards had to borrow…….

  3. Members of the General Assembly like to talk a big game about ethics and good government, but far too few actually follow through. Wolf is calling them to put up or shut up, and there is no good reason why they shouldn’t have a gift ban.

    For all the talk about how government should resemble the private sector, these guys should be clamoring to give up per diems in favor of submitting reimbursements. It’s not 1960, and I don’t know anyone who has an unaccountable, no-strings expense account these days. If you want the taxpayers to reimburse you for actual expenses, then submit receipts like everyone else, and post your receipts online.

    Accountability isn’t a dirty word.

  4. So, the multi-millionaire trust fund governor who wants to raise taxes but holds veto power wants to add blackmail to his “negotiating” toolkit. Makes perfect sense to no one but the guy who wants to coerce the legislature to do his bidding.

    Nonstarter in the legislature. This is nothing but a Wolf election year smokescreen.

    1. He is the first to admit he enjoyed advantages that most people don’t, but he worked his way up the company ladder starting as a forklift driver, and he bought the company – he didn’t inherit it. The Trumps were born on third and all seem to think they hit a triple. The Wolfs all seem to have that old fashioned, Central PA work ethic, and feel an obligation to give back to their community.

      1. GIVE BACK…. You are a fool if you believe Wolf gives anything. HE IS A TAKER LOOK at the records you fool.

        1. Bane is right, this man child holds his breath till he’s blue unless he gets his way.

    2. Isn’t it interesting that he would bring this up now after he accepted so much money from unions and other PACs. He is a complete and utter fraud!

  5. How about starting with his campaign accepting secret donations from Pharm companies tied into marijuana industry, according to news reports.
    How about starting with him refusing to issue names of his appointees who gave out millions of dollars in contracts to the marijuana dispensaries.
    Good headlines by his handlers.
    But his actions speak louder than his words.

    1. The Money Wolf took from the super pacs with connections to Pharma is a story that will keep growing.

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