Wolf Vetoes Senate Abortion Bill

Governor Tom Wolf officially vetoed Senate Bill 3, a bill restricting abortions after 20 weeks, following through on his promise to do so since the bill was introduced.

“This legislation is a disingenuous and bald-faced attempt to create the most extreme anti-choice legislation in the country,” Wolf said.  

SB3 would ban abortions after 20 weeks, without exceptions for rape, incest, health of the mother, or anomalies in the child.  

“This legislation is an attempt to criminalize the decisions that women make about their own health care, and this legislation destroys health care options for victims of the horrors of rape and incest. For these reasons, I am vetoing this bill today,” Wolf said.  

Wolf vetoed the bill in Philadelphia City Hall with Mayor Jim Kenney, local legislators and officials, and advocates for women’s reproductive rights.

“I fully support the Governor’s decision to veto this bill.  The state should not be telling women—particularly women who became pregnant by rape or incest—that they don’t have the right to decide what to do with their body,” Kenney said.

19 Responses

  1. Over 60% of Pennsylvania women want the horrific practice of dismemberment abortion banned. Their voices will be heard at the ballot box in 2018.

  2. Wagner 2018!
    Let’s get a loving, caring, pro-life governor who will make our Commonwealth proud!

    1. Scott Wagner is not pro-life: he’s a big fan of the death penalty. He also does not care about abortion; he just talks about it to pay lip service to single-issue voters.

  3. It’s now Official, via Veto, to find it “a right” to dismember an unborn baby in utero so as to “sanction” torturous, heinous deparity that would make Doctor Kermit Gosnell (Philadelphia’s evil baby killer) proud!

    Yeah, stand-up for depravity, torturous conduct and evil as your exercise your Veto!

    Governor Wolf your a shill for the Devil, but it’s all just as you will be remembered by God in the After-Life for your inability to protect those innocent babies who (now) are going to be ripped into pieces in purely evil methods that are simply barbaric, cruel and heinous beyond all comprehension…your really doing the Devil’s work as it’s not God’s will for this evil procedure to be “state-sanctioned”!

    Hope your Veto is overridden; maybe the Catholics in the Legislature rise up to finally act righteously (even if they are Democrats, who do the right thing by God…as they ignore the evil of planned parenthood butchers?)

    1. The Supreme Court and many other courts have found that woman have the right to control their own bodies and reproduction.

      A fetus isn’t a baby. No thought. No feelings. No rights.

      BTW, no God or Devil either.

      Women’s health is not decided by voodoo and fictional deities in old book of myths and fairy tales, from a time before microscopes and medicine, when people thought the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around it.

      1. So there is no Evil in Society? You been a fan of Kermit Gosnell? I’d suggest you Google him, to acquire knowledge of evil of abortion in this world! It’s proper of Government to protect human life as it’s simply righteous to do so!

      2. Deplorable Voter-

        1) Kermit Gosnell is not even slightly representative of the medical profession, let alone the safe/legal procedures for abortion practiced everywhere else. He ran his clinic under unsanitary conditions and should have lost his medical license years before for many reasons.

        2) Here is an example of Evil:
        not funding CHIP, but giving a trillion dollars in tax breaks to millionaires

        3) cutting birth control from women’s healthcare plans will increase the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

        1. Haha…why not allow abortion to 50 weeks etc then…sure as long as you made it out alive you don’t give a damn about another soul…

          1. Care about their soul? No, not at all. Not everyone casts their votes based on a 2000-year-old story.

        2. I agree with everything you said David. I hope there are more PA voters like you. These Republicans that let the funding for CHIP lapse show where their priorities lie. As soon as these children are out of the womb they don’t care whether they live or die, as long as they got that pro-life vote.

      3. You dems are nuts…you claim a woman has the right to choose if her baby lives or dies but you dems demand later that all children should go to public schools…to keep the loser teachers employed..

        1. Because the PA charter school system has been such a success? Consistently performing worse than public schools, won’t spend the necessary amount of money for special education, ending up more and more segregated… But don’t worry, all that money they aren’t spending on the children is going straight to the administrators.

      4. Well you need to do some research. It proven that a fetus at 20 weeks pain receptors are fully established and they react in the same way adults too… it is even thought that pain receptors begin to develop at 8 weeks.

        So please find some other reason to justify this to yourself because you are lying here.

  4. I’m disappointed in the governor. I wish he would show moral leadership and not bow to the abortion lobby. This seems like a moderate, reasonable, and good compromise on a tough issue. The government is supposed to defend the vulnerable, who is more vulnerable than an unborn child?

    1. Who’s more vulnerable?

      1) A pregnant teen
      2) A woman with an health issue and risk of pregnancy
      3) Any woman told what to do with her own body

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