Wolf Will Not “Pile On” By Releasing IG Report

Governor Tom Wolf said that he will not release the Inspector General’s report he ordered looking into Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s treatment of his protection detail and staff in the LG’s mansion.

“I don’t think anything’s to be served by piling on top of that,” Wolf said according to the Inquirer.  

Wolf cited concern over being fair to Stack’s wife, who is undergoing treatment for a mental illness and anger issues. 

“My family is grateful for the support from the governor, as well as from family and friends across Pennsylvania as we address this private family health issue,” Stack said in response to the news.  

Wolf ordered an investigation into Stack’s treatment of staff after reports of verbal abuse of staff surfaced last spring. 

The announcement from Wolf comes ahead of Senate Minority Jay Costa (D-Allegheny) and some Democratic members of the Senate will endorse Stack’s re-election bid Wednesday at 10:30 in the Capitol.  

“In a display of unity and strength, members and leaders of the Senate Democratic Caucus will gather in Harrisburg on Wednesday to announce support for Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s re-election,” an announcement of the press conference said.  

Costa is the only Senate member named in the advisory.

12 Responses

  1. I’m ready to go out campaigning for you Mike!! Lemme just put down my smokes and my 6-pack and I’m ready to go! I just need a good driver for once, not these goddamn mother***** ***** ***** *** no good ***** *** ***** . . .

  2. Should the Feds be called in to investigate Governor Wolf for abuse of power?
    Striping Second Lady Tonya Stack of security, putting her safety at risk? Her Crime allegedly yelling at a State Police Officer? Hmmmmmm
    Were her Civil Rights no longer protected?
    Did Governor Wolf Cross the line in his attack on Second Lady Tonya Stack?
    Have you heard Wolf mistreatment of staff? Have you heard words that come out of his mouth?

    1. Putting her safety as risk? LOL!

      I guess the only way to defend Stack and his wife’s behavior is to play the victim card and claim that pulling her police detail somehow puts her at risk. Truly, truly sad.

  3. Wolf tries to Spin spin spin. Facts: Governor used a taxpayer department (Inspector General)to abuse a 5’2”, 110 pound private citizen the (2nd lady of Pennsylvania.) Wolf and his Pack did everything they could to drive her over the edge. Tonya Stack is not an elected official. State Police were afraid of her……… LOLOLOLOLOL
    Wolf and his pack hate strong independent women. Look at his recorded of setting them up, to shut them up. Wolf you and your pack a complete disgrace. Stay tuned to women speaking up against Wolf
    Noticed Fetterman is using Your girl Mary firm-lolol ex-firm in his election for LT.

  4. Shouldn’t an inspector general report be public? can’t a news outlet FOIA it? wasn’t it paid for with state funds??

  5. I heard a rumor that Wolf may have violated Stack’s civil rights in the way this was conducted. Yelling at a staffer isn’t nice, but it’s not a crime. So, if Wolf overreached and approached this as a criminal matter, then releasing the report could expose Wolf to potential charges of abuse of office or misuse of law enforcement.

    The thing is that Wolf already knew about the difficulties that Stack’s wife was having beforehand, and used/abused all of this to embarrass Stack (who was trying to keep his wife’s health information private). A lot of revisionist history here to keep quiet what a complete d*ck Wolf has been to Stack.

    Me Too! –
    Umm… Rendell endorsed Stack opponent. Rendell has a decades long reputation as a skirt-chaser and philanderer. So, be careful of stones near your class house.

    1. Your response DD is ridiculous. Stack is responsible for his own behavior. For heavens sake HE ADMITTED WHAT HE DID WAS WRONG.

      Bully-type behavior is wrong, which includes yelling at people…and abusing your position is definitely wrong…so get over your love for Stack.

      Your starting to sound like The Donald, too…it’s everyone’s fault but those who are at fault!

      1. Me Too! –

        My understanding is that Wolf essentially coerced Stack into apologizing for his wife’s behavior. Apologies to staff could have been handled privately/individually, but Wolf wanted to embarrass Stack publicly and and hurt him politically. Stack tried to protect his wife’s medical privacy, and Wolf exploited this.

        I barely know Stack and have met him at two or three political dinners/events. My problem is with Wolf and how Wolf handles things.

        1. Stack abused the privileges of the office and since taxpayer funds were involved the Governor had every right to investigate this. No overreach here. Stack is a public figure and should’ve apologized publicly. To do so behind the scenes would’ve been weak.

  6. Stack’s endorsements will likely be the “Who’s Who” List of sexual misconduct across the state…

  7. Jeez, Gov, put Stack out of his misery already.

    Remember, you started this and now it’s going to be a serious drag on your reelection if Stack manages to win the primary.

    You’ll be the guy covering up for an unfit running mate. If you insist on carrying Stacks water you’re going to drown in it. We can’t afford a Republican Governor.

  8. Only Democrats in Pennsylvania – Costa, et al., haven’t caught on to the fact that people (voters) don’t like abusive people who bully others – like Stack has done his whole career. And the fact that Stack has made his wife the scapegoat speaks volumes about his character.

    Wolf? Now he’s like Trump – witholding information so that we can’t make an informed decision…do the right thing Mr. Governor!

    Anyone who endorses Stack endorses bullies…

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