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Women For Trump Campaign Kicks off in Philly Suburbs

A kick off in King of Prussia. 

Today, the national “Women for Trump” campaign held their first rally at the Valley Forge Casino in the Philadelphia suburbs. 

The rally, which the Philadelphia Inquirer estimates drew about 1,000, mostly women, was led by a number of Trump allies, including RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, the president’s daughter in-law, Lara Trump, and more as they touted President Donald Trump’s agenda and expressed confidence in his reelection effort. 

“I always say that I think this president will easily be re-elected because he has delivered on all the promises he made in 2016 and so many more, right?” Lara Trump said, according to CBS Philly. “Despite the fact that he’s had constant, 93% negative media coverage by the way.”

The rally focused on Trump’s economic record among other issues, while McDaniel said the Republican Party treat women voters different than the Democratic Party. 

“The difference between our party and Democrats is we treat women as the whole voter,” McDaniel said according to the Inquirer. “Women care about health care, we care about education, we care about our military, we care about our economy, and yes we do care about the unborn!” 

Trump narrowly carried the state of Pennsylvania in the 2016 election over Sec. Hillary Clinton, but did not win in any of the Philadelphia collar counties in his victory. Since entering the Oval office, the Philadelphia suburbs have trended towards the Democratic Party, with women leading the charge as Philadelphia’s previous all-male Congressional delegation now has 4 women in Congress, all Democrats representing the Philadelphia suburbs and parts of the Lehigh Valley. Women were also the catalyst behind Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey’s double digit reelection victories in 2018 as NBC News Exit polling showed Wolf winning with women vote by 30 points and Casey carrying the women vote by 28 points. 

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, told the Inquirer that launching the Women for Trump effort in King of Prussia was not an accident, saying the campaign used voter data to pick the location. 

“The women in this room could be integral,” Parscale said, according to the Inquirer. “If we win Pennsylvania by 5,000 votes it might be because everyone in this room walks out and gets four people to vote, it could be the difference.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle, a senior advisor to the campaign who is dating Donald Trump Jr., told the room that the media doesn’t focus on Trump’s support with women and that they are proud to support his reelection bid. 

“Mainstream media says we don’t exist,” Guilfoyle said according to the Inquirer. “They don’t want to admit that women are proud to stand for President Trump.”

This was not Guilfoyle’s first appearance in Pennsylvania boasting about the Trump agenda. She joined Donald Trump Jr. at the Pennsylvania Republican Party Fall Dinner in 2018, where she credited his victory over Clinton by securing the keystone state. 

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party held a press conference call earlier today slamming the effort from the Trump campaign saying this administration does not support women. 

“This is an agenda women do not support, and the Trump campaign cannot defend — to say nothing of his embarrassing and demeaning conduct…In 2020, Pennsylvania women — and women across the country — will hold Trump accountable, and we will defeat him, and we’ll be doing it right here in Pennsylvania,” said PA Democratic Party Chair Nancy Patton Mills in a statement. 

Also in attendance for today’s rally was Bernie Comfort, PAGOP Vice Chair and Trump 2020 Campaign chair for Pennsylvania, a role that former Reps. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) and Tom Marino (R-Lycoming) shared in 2016. CBS Philly reports that Barletta was also in attendance today.

26 Responses

  1. Not a big shock and the comments on here show me why. Unfortunately the commentary to those who dislike donald trump or his supporters aren’t one of substance or on policy but rather rhetoric that at least in this independent voters view is partially why Hillary lost and why is they continue on this track…i feel Trump will be re-elected and easily. If dems want a shot to take down Trump, stop berating women, minorities as a category to be won…but look at each voter as an individual. Pretty sure my views aren’t in line with Ds or Rs and i find it disgusting that Trump and the Dems have sunk down to this level of discourse. No offense to the dems – calling women Bitches or a generic KKK members or stepford wives is a real turn of to a lot of people.

    1. Independent19010Voter-

      Are you completely oblivious to, aware of, or in support of: the growth of white nationalism, KKK and Nazi groups and Trump’s support/embrace of their rhetoric?

      Because that is what’s going on, and Trump is playing the race card against “brown people”, and fueling fears, paranoia and ignorance about a loss of “white culture”.

      Do you think Trump’s base would applaud if he used the n-word publicly to describe black people?

      Are you happy that the rich got a ton of tax cuts, and the poor were left out?

      Are you okay with Trump trying to repeal ACA, and the protections for pre-existing conditions?

      Are you okay with Trump dismantling environmental protections, and allowing mining companies to resume dumping waste into streams?

      Are you okay with Trump claiming (repeatedly) that China is paying the tariffs (that are actually being paid by American businesses)? And, are you okay with the tariffs, and particularly the panic that Trump causes with threatening tariffs with Mexico (in violation of both existing and his proposed trade deal)?

      Are you okay with Trump getting played by Russia, N. Korean, Saudi Arabia, and China?

      Do you think it’s okay to have so many of his cabinet leave under clouds, and have so many “acting” department heads? Or not having press secretary give “daily” briefing for over 3 months?

      1. All she said was dont generalize about people. Grow up. Your just as bad as trump.

        Spend your time canvassing and not trolling this idiot.

  2. Great to see. Trump is going to shock these libtards once again, especially with their delusional candidates and out of touch agenda. Thanks Dems.

    1. Typical orange clown cult talk. I’m sure you jerked off once you got the libtard in too. Congrats on being an awful person with no empathy or compassion for others. The con man has brought the monsters out of the woodwork.

      Your agenda involves running people over with cars, roaming trains to stab people of color with knives, going on school shooting rampages, and now chanting for the heads of congresswomen to be put on a stake.

      Not to mention mocking the disabled and bragging about getting away with sexual assault.

      A black man being president and living in the White House drove you people absolutely bonkers.

      1. Reading your rant, we can see who is bonkers? You’re gonna go even more nuts when DJT wins another term. Keep going left. We’ll take moderate dems with us!!!

        1. The only problem with your thinking DJT is going to win is you forgot the election involves more than just West Virginia, Kansas and Wyoming.

        2. DJT is way behind in Pa, Michigan and Wisconsin and is virtually tied in Ohio.

  3. It sure sounds like the KKKing of Prussia version of the Stepford Wives.

    This part is funny:
    “The difference between our party and Democrats is we treat women as the whole voter” and want to control their whole bodies and reproductive choices (abortion, contraception, refusing to cover female specific medical conditions, etc.)

    1. As a woman, stop acting like the only issues that matter to women are our bodies and issues about our bodies. It really make me angry when a man tries to explain to me about my reproductive rights are and aren’t and what I should think. ACCORDING TO MANY MEN I KNOW ON THE DEM SIDE ONLY ‘WOMEN’S ISSUES’ RELATE TO MY BODY. ALL ISSUES ARE WOMEN’S ISSUES. STOP TREATING ME AND MY GENDER LIKE OUR ONLY POLITICAL VALUE IS IN OUR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. THOSE ARE THE ONLY ‘WOMEN’S ISSUES’ that MATTER. Actually, we treat men and women the same. The bad experiences i’ve had arent the norm…it the rarity and you get that in both parties (i have friends across the political spetrum and backgrounds) Women don’t get a specific tag or label b/c they are equal. Not b/c they are a minority or something to be treated as a ‘stero’ type. Women work as hard as men. Women make choices some to work, some to stay at home and some do a both.

      But if someone dare disagrees with your preception of the world, we are stepford wives controlled by the men in our lives. Actually, most GOP women are much more dynamic and in control then most dems give them credit for and in reality make choices that might confuse, shock and annoy many liberals. We CHOOSE is the important part here. Some want to wear sundresses and b/c we tend to dress a certain way…it defines us. And i though dems were beyond judging people but looks, gender, race, gender preference. Guess it okay to hypocritical if we don’t like their political views.
      FYI: We don’t force women to work or stay at home -they make that choice themselves…and that’s what GOPers value the most.


      1. Right on. I mean who really cares if crusty old white men are controlling women’s bodies anyway?


        You treat men and women the “same” by not letting men get abortions either. The GOP thinks that male rapists have the same parental rights as the women they impregnate.

        Though, some GOP congressmen claim that if a women get pregnant then it wasn’t “a legitimate rape”… because in a “real” rape women produce some hormone/chemical that prevents pregnancy. So, if they got pregnant, they must have wanted it. Todd Adkins, 2012: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that down.”

        You treat men and women the same by allowing employers to impose their own religious beliefs on contraception coverage. Before ACA, pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition that could result in denial of insurance coverage.

        “Women work as hard as men”, but the GOP opposes laws of equal pay for equal work. GOP has opposed funding for women’s sports compared to men’s sports programs and schools.

        You make choices that deny other women choices.

        The GOP is opposed to raising the minimum wage, forcing many mothers to work more hours (and spend less time home with their kids) just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

        The “women for Trump” are a bunch of entitled, self-centered, self-righteous, selfish (and plainly ignorant) women who are trying to preserve/portray some false notion of white-identity and white-nationalism as American patriotism.

        There’s no caring for the poor. Only caring for the rich with tax breaks.

        There’s no diplomacy. Only chest thumping and playing into the hands of dictators and despots, while alienating our allies.

        There’s no plan to clean up the environment. Only the stripping away of protections for the profits of oil/coal/gas/mining industries.

        Southeastern PA has about 3 million registered voters. The 1,000 women for Trump are 1/3 of 1/10 of 1 percent of those voters.

        I guess it’s easy to not judge people by “gender, race, gender preference”, when your group is primarily straight white women.

        1. So you are totally feeding into the point the OP is saying. So you are kind of implying much the fact i dont fit a preset check list of racial, gender and sexual preference standardz, women who disagree with you don’t matter to all.

          And are to stupid…who are you to make such value judgements.

          my view is pretty much worthless if I’m a strait woman or a white woman (unless we agree with you) you are welcome to view trump as a racist pig…but you are just coming across as a big ass.

          You keep making the ops point more clear. Stupid arguements…but she is allowed to have them and you dont get to pick a choose whose value is more important

          1. Defendthegender-

            Trump is unquestionably embracing racism and white supremacy. It’s not even coded “dog whistles” anymore, and he has dropped all pretense.

            If you don’t see/understand what he’s doing, then the problem is yours. And if you support him, you are enabling his agenda of hatred and division.

            The hard-core Trump supporters would embrace him using the n-word directly/publicly. Would the cowardly GOP congressmen, senators, governors, etc continue to remain silent of criticism if the crossed that line (since they’ve already been silent over every other line he’s crossed).

            If you are rich and like his tax policy, I get someone would support that, and not give a rat’s ass about how he treated the poor and minorities, because they are unaffected. But, they should at least be honest that they know he’s a racist and just don’t care.

  4. Note that this event drew about 1,000, despite its having been hastily assembled; this turnout reflects the way people “vote with their bodies” when they flood The Donald’s rallies, as well.

    1. I’ve seen many of my law school classmates board the “Trump-Train” in response to the Democrat’s insanity. Previous Hillary supporters and non-voters included

      1. If by “law school classmates” you mean a bunch of racists, then I concur.

    1. As a registered GOP woman, how sexist to call these women bitches or are you so closed minded that many women don’t like the gov’t messing with their bodies, healthcare…b/c of course to me a woman…my only value is my body aka. my reproductive rights to the general political body. But of course employment, economics, foreign policy, infrastructure, taxes ect. have no merit here b/c obviously these women are ‘bitches’ and to stupid to understand that their political merit here is only for their bodies…any other issues of relevance…don’t matter…and anyone who disagrees with your views is a stupid ‘bitch.’ I wonder who the ignorant one is here.
      PS: I don’t really like Trump at all, I didn’t NOT vote for him in the general or primary in 2016. I find him vulgar and hot headed but on par with the blue collar construction workers i’ve met a Eagles and Steelers games, the same people that used to work for him.

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