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Yesterday, Sestak’s TV Ad Found False . Today, Sestak Discovered Denouncing His Own Attacks

Yesterday, Sestak’s TV Ad Found False .  Today, Sestak Discovered Denouncing His Own Attacks 

Wheels Coming Off Desperate Sestak Campaign
Allentown – Yesterday, the Philadelphia Inquirer declared Congressman Sestak’s latest attack ad false, writing: “Further, Toomey is not now, nor has he ever been – a registered lobbyist according to records kept by the Clerk of the U.S. House and the Secretary of the Senate.”
If that’s not bad enough, for months, Congressman Sestak has been attacking U.S. Senate candidate Pat Toomey for his opposition to raising taxes, but new evidence is out today that Sestak’s attacks are nothing more than convenient election year rhetoric that he himself denounced last year.
Nine months ago, Congressman Sestak told Fox Business News: 
Sestak: “But the issue here is how quickly can you really do it.  If you remember, back in 1937, President Roosevelt from 1933 to 1937 had driven unemployment in a depression from 27 percent down to 9 and a half percent and then he raised taxes – a payroll tax – the first in our history, and a corporate tax.  My caution is this: We need to get a pay-as-you-go government, but if you – even on the rich – all of a sudden, if we’re not out of this recession, begin to raise taxes in 2011, then you can have a very similar hindrance to our recovery . . . but let’s get out of this recession first, and so I caution, let’s watch before we raise taxes on anyone.”
If this argument sounds familiar, it is because Toomey, countless economists, and many Democrats have been making the same argument that raising taxes during an economic downturn is a recipe for disaster.  In fact, yesterday, Congressman Sestak’s own economic advisor, Moody’s Mark Zandi said that letting the tax cuts expire even for the highest income bracket would kill as many as 770,000 jobs.  Zandi said: “There is wide agreement that allowing all the tax cuts to expire January 1 makes little sense given the economy’s fragility.  Based on a simulation of the Moody’s Analytics macroeconomic model, an across-the-board tax increase would precipitate a double-dip recession during the first half of 2011.”
“There was a time in this race when Congressman Sestak was interested in having a serious and genuine policy debate, but over the past couple of months, it has become increasingly clear that Congressman Sestak in only interested in political attacks, even if he doesn’t actually believe the words coming out of his mouth,” Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik said.  “It was not that long ago that Congressman Sestak recognized that raising taxes would be harmful to the economy, but now that we’re in campaign season, he chooses to put politics ahead of Pennsylvania jobs.  Clearly, Congressman Joe Sestak is just another Washington politician.”

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