Zappala Files Petitions, Makes Primary Ballot

Stephen-ZappalaAllegheny County District Attorney and Democratic candidate for Attorney General Stephen Zappala accumulated enough signatures to make the April 26th primary ballot today.

The campaign revealed that they’ve collected 2,000 signatures.

“This is an exciting moment for me,” Zappala said. “As the District Attorney of Allegheny County I have stood up to the most powerful people, politicians and corporate special interests who have the money to hire an army of lawyers – so that our working and middle class families, like the 2000 people who have signed my petitions to date, know the system isn’t rigged against them.”

“I have never cared what your income is, what your zip code is, what you look like or who you love – you get treated fairly by my office, period,” he continued. “That is the kind of leadership I will bring to the Attorney General’s office and to the people of Pennsylvania.”

Zappala is running against Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro and John Morganelli in the Democratic primary. Also incumbent Attorney General Kathleen Kane has also suggested she may run for re-election.

11 Responses

  1. HaHaHa … … HaHaHa … … I can’t stop typing it!!! I think I am obsessed with HaHaHa!!!! Oh heck — I’ll just say it: I am in love with HaHaHa.

  2. Okay, boys. Face the music and I will play you a tune. The Bazzano- Zappala-Porter mafia has been entrenched in Pittsburgh since the 1930’s when John Bazzano was the mob boss and Steve Sr’s dad was a city magistrate and brother in law to Bazzano. That would make Bazzano Junior’s uncle. He was murdered on orders of the New York mob for bad bossing…and not sending the required tribute. In the 1990′ s, blood relative Chuckie Porter, Sr., a Pittsburgh legacy capo, went to prison for organized crime and Rico violations. In the late 1990’s, Zappala Jr. Joined a law firm with his distant cousin, Chuckie Porter, jr. When he was appointed on the merits of his daddy threatening all of the sissy judges of Allegheny County, all but a few folded in fear. (let me pause here to salute the HONORABLE Johnny Zottola who told the godfather to piss off and is still being punished.) Junior zap immediately appointed Porter, jr. As the office solicitor at 250k/yr. People were upset that a no experience dummy got appointed because of daddy’s threats but only a brave drunk ran against Junior Zappala. Along the campaign trail, he got beat up by a person unknown. Junior Zappala got four straight free elections after that. Even the Republican sissy, U.S.M.C disgrace Jim Roddy kept candidates from running against Junior. So, what is old is still new: Murder Incorporated…like us on facebook. Okay, uncle Charlie, them’s the facts. If you don’t like them, let’s meet at your club in Bridgeville. Just know this…I ain’t no bandleader.

  3. Senator Rutherford-
    Not only why is this news, but second, who the Hell cares.
    Do you get a prize??? Maybe look for Dead people on his petition or incarcerated from his family: Pay to Jail Kids Program…. Tell us more about the PJK Program how many houses, cars, and fancy fur coats did you buy with the “Kids” blood money???

  4. Guzzardi…really now? Which case did Zappala try in a courtroom? I know you can’t see Allegheny County from your house in Montco.

  5. Diano, I’d like to see Kathleen Kane’s nomination petitions. There would be multiple signatures from the same person: “HaHaHa,” “Pat Unger,” “aaron,”, etc.

  6. I assume he’s going to have a lot more than 2,000 signatures. Shaughnessy Naughton submitted 1,000 already, and she’s in just an congressional district, not running statewide.

    But, no one thinks that any candidate is going to stop at the minimum. The “real minimum minimum” to survive a challenge is around 50% more than the required threshold.

    But, you want at least twice the threshold to avoid a challenge completely.

    I’ll be shocked if Zappala doesn’t have at least 5K-6K when it’s all done.

  7. Stephen Zappala has experience in the courtroom, prosecuting political corruption and managing a prosecutor’s office.

    There are those of us who resent smears of “Mafia”. I doubt either John Morganelli or Josh Shapiro will lower themselves.

  8. If you are going to face the music, you better know the song. When his mafia roots are exposed, the sissy will withdraw. Uncle Charlie will protect La Familia.

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