Zappala Picks Up Group of Northeast PA Endorsements

Stephen-ZappalaAfter picking up a key endorsement from Lt. Governor Mike Stack earlier this week, Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala today announced four more endorsements.

State Senator John T. Yudichak as well as State Reps Marty Flynn, Sid Kavulich and Frank Farina are all supporting Zappala for Attorney General.

“Steve has fought for justice day in and day out for nearly two decades as District Attorney in Allegheny County,” said Yudichak. “He’s fought public corruption, taken guns off the streets and improved relations between communities and police. He has the best experience to restore integrity to the office of Attorney General.”

Zappala has continued to pump up his work as DA after he teamed with Northampton County DA John Morganelli against Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro for his lack of courtroom experience this past weekend at the AG debate.

“I’m humbled that my record and work as an effective and innovate prosecutor has earned the support of these distinguished elected officials from the Northeast,” said Zappala. “Today’s endorsements are significant to securing the Democratic nomination for AG. I’m truly appreciative.”

Zappala will face Shapiro and Morganelli in the Democratic primary on April 26th seeking to replace Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who will not be running for re-election.

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  1. Might be that way, Jax. And then the Reps will spend all of their money down the ticket as they ignore Trump, giving us R-A-Double F-E, RTY spells…the lesser of one very big evil. Dems elect R’s and with the choice given, they will let go of Hillary’s skirt because of the brown stain.

  2. Many posters seem to be Laboring under the misimpression that Shapiro has locked up the Southeast when nothing is further from the truth. The fact that he rolled out a meaningless endorsement of a few elected officials in Philly shows how the tires have already fallen off his campaign. Philly labor and Ward leaders are already with Zappala and from what I hear, so is Bucks County-the 4th largest Dem county in the state. Shapiro can tout all the meaningless single endorsements he wants but it doesn’t change the dynamic. He was killed at the Progressive debate and exposed as a lightweight by both Morganelli and Zappala.

  3. I can not fathom more Dems coming out of SW than SE. Plus, Josh has solid support among we SC Dems, few as we are.

    With both Zappala and Morganelli in, it is mathematically Josh’s to lose.
    With Josh against Z, it is close.
    Morganelli showed himself to be a sniveling whiner at the Prog Summit debate, and we get what we deserve if we elect him for dogcatcher.

  4. If 36 % of Democratic votes will come out of Southeast ; 40 % will come out of Southwest; 17 % of Democratic vote is from Lehigh Valley and Northeast and if voters vote geographically then it John Morganelli may be deciding factor. I would expect Stephen Zappala will have enough money to get his message out.

    Like Josh Shapiro, endorsed Republican John Rafferty is a politician, not a prosecutor, like Josh Shapiro and, I would think, be at a disadvantage against DA Stephen Zappala or DA John Morganelli. Many Republicans will remember him as the author and chief lobbyist for “Corbett’s Gas Tax” bill. And, of course, he will be relying on the Gleason-Asher-DiGiorgio team of incompetent losers who will enrich themselves as consultants losing yet another statewide election.

    I think the next AG will be a Democratic and it would be good if Pennsylvania had an experience prosecutor and one independent of the both parties willing to pursue political corruption. For all his flaws, Tom Corbett prosecuted politicians even those in his own party. John Morganelli’s “Outsider” status is attractive and DA Zappala did prosecute Republican political corruption of which, I would think, there is more than we know of.

  5. A demo is not winning this election for AG. No way people in the state are that stupid again. Kane made it easy to understand even in years where demos won handily they voted in republican to the Office

  6. SpongeBuggy – tell your wife not to spend that $20 Pat threw at her all in one place. And tell her to take a shower every once in a while.

  7. Observant: go to your Optometrist and get fitted. Zappala will hurt the Dems in November more than help. He has never tried a case either and he rarely shows up for work. If we had one brave lawyer in Allegheny County, he would have been gone a long time ago. He only wins because he is unopposed and his numbers go down in every election. When he and daddy pushed his sis to run for judge, she finished next to last. Maybe you are not a local dude so I’ll give to you straight. The whole family ain’t too well liked here and he might not even carry his own polling place.

  8. So, if November’s Dem Ticket consists of a U.S. Senate Candidate from Chesco or Delco, a Treasurer candidate from Montco, aN Auditor General candidate from York, and Hillary or Bernie, to elect the entire Democratic ticket, what Attorney General helps the most: (1) the Commissioner from Montco who has never tried a case or practiced law or (2) the native Western Pennsylvanian who has served for 17 years as the elected District Attorney of Alleheny County, the second largest County in PA, and has managed probably the second largest prosecutor’s office in the State? The Answer is 2…Stephen Zappala.

  9. Dropping shoes…a Pittsburgh cop wallops a drunk kid at a high school football game. The chief of police promotes criminal charges against the cop. The district judge, former mayor and Zappala family water boy Luke’s daddy, drops the charges against the cop. OUTRAGE…and the F.B.I. Follow.
    Suddenly, Sissy Sonny Corleone refiles charges against the cop. Now, Zappala has screwed the cops, screwed his own political operative and screwed his Uncle Charlie who would have given better counsel. It might be too late for a mafia sit down here. Somebody gotta get whacked.

  10. Jim J-

    My point was that the police want DA’s and AG who will cover up, so none of the candidates wants to go after Zappala for allegedly covering up, since that would hurt them getting police endorsements.

    You need only look at Chicago’s year-long coverup of the shooting video to know that the police do not want to be held accountable for wrongful shootings.

  11. David,

    You can look up the case. There were press stories about the report – critical of the police officers involved – that Zappala hid from Ford’s lawyers. There were also some very insensitive comments made by Zappala about the kid who is now in a wheel-chair for the rest of his life.

    Zappala knows he did wrong. He knows the criminal case should have never been brought. He knows. And he knows it will come out in this campaign. Ford’s case is in federal court now. There is a lot of talk about how bad the cover-up was. It’s not going to be pretty for the police or Zappala.

    The other candidates do not have to take sides. This is a clear abuse of power. An unarmed kid was paralyzed by police. Even aftr he gave them his license, registration and insurance – all bearing his name – the police called him a liar and accused him of being this other guy. It’s a bad case. Ford was innocent. He had nothing illegal in his car. The police messed up, And Zappala helped them try to cover it up.

  12. Jim J-

    This case seems to be a common attack against Zappala, but neither Shapiro nor Morganelli made an issue of it in the debate last weekend.

    Every candidates wants to be endorsed by law enforcement (who wants an AG that will look the other way). So, which candidate is going to declare they will be “tough on crime” committed by law enforcement?

  13. Zappala is goung to have to answer for his handling of the Leon Ford case. He covered for police who illegally stopped a young Black kid and then shot him after mistaking him for someone else. A report critical of the police was buried by Zappala’s office. Zappala arrested and charged the paralyzed Leon Ford as he lay in a hospital bed. Zappala lost the case at trial.

  14. His campaign claims are fantastical. Improved community/police relations? Really?
    Fought public corruption? Really? Took down one GOP family/PA Supreme Court justice. What about all the other judicial liars and crooks from Allegheny County? Nothing.

  15. The stooges have spoken. They must have been thrilled by the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafis’s “Cash for Kids” scheme in their back yard. Now it’s the voters turn.

  16. The endorsement battle is like a game of Go, where you try to stake out your regions and surround your opponents.

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