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Zappala Secures First Union Endorsement

Stephen-ZappalaAllegheny County DA and Democratic candidate for Attorney General Stephen Zappala has won his first labor endorsement.

The Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council voted unanimously last week to back Zappala.

“Workers in the Pittsburgh region have had no better friend that District Attorney Stephen Zappala,” said Richard Stanizzo, Business Manager for the Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council. “He has always been responsive, fair and fearless when it comes to enforcing the labor laws that protect American jobs, keep workers safe and safeguard our rights to collective bargaining and addressing our grievances. We are confident that our brothers and sisters throughout Pennsylvania will see in Stephen Zappala what we see and embrace his candidacy.”

“Working families in Pittsburgh know I’ve stood up to the most powerful people, politicians and corporate special interests who have the money to hire an army of lawyers – so that our working and middle class families know the system isn’t rigged against them,” Zappala responded. “I am truly honored to have this important endorsement.”

Zappala is running against Josh Shapiro, John Morganelli and possibly Kathleen Kane in the AG Democratic primary contest that is set for April 26th.

5 Responses

  1. Corruption at its finest! Just what we need, another corrupt Allegheny County top dog in the higher courts of Pennsylvania. This man is not what Pennsylvania needs to clean up this state! We need a person who won’t be afraid to clean up the corruption of people like Zappala!! Please pay,attention and do your homework before voting!

  2. He just fixed another one where a bully cop whacked around a kid drunk who couldn’t defend himself. A criminal complaint against the cop got tossed by Pappy Ravenstahl, Justice and daddy of Luke, the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia’s do nothing except for them mayor…about 600 million in bond issue refinancing through the mob’s financial division. The area prosecutor laid on his sword.

  3. The working-class family of Leon Ford knows that Zappala covered for crooked cops who shot their relative – an innocent, unarmed kid the cops mistook for someone else. After the cops accused Mr. Ford of being a liar, harassed him, threatened him, and told him they would “get his Black ass” out of his legally owned and registered car whenever they wanted to, they shot Mr. Ford. Within days, Zappala was arresting the innocent, unarmed – now paralyzed – kid. Zappala lost the criminal case in court. And it was revealed that Zappala concealed a report that was critical of the officers involved and that questioned the truthfulness of the officers.

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