Zappala to Host Event with Top Democrats

Zappala-flier-2It’s going to be a blistering weekend throughout the Keystone State but Attorney General candidate Stephen Zappala has a plan.

The campaign is holding a get-together Friday night at the Dog & Pony Restaurant.

The most intriguing detail, though, is the hosts of the event.

Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, House Minority Leader Frank Dermody and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald will all be in attendance as hosts.

All three are from Pittsburgh, as is Allegheny County DA Zappala, and this event further suggests that western PA is coalescing around Zappala’s candidacy.

Just yesterday, Pittsburgh attorney Dave Fawcett dropped out of the race in part to prevent a split of the west’s vote. That news caused a chain reaction which lead to Jack Stollsteimer leaving the race and endorsing Shapiro while John Morganelli touted his own endorsements.

While a regional battle begins to take shape, it is currently unclear what role, if any, incumbent Kathleen Kane will play in this year’s election.

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23 thoughts on “Zappala to Host Event with Top Democrats”

  1. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus says:

    Whistleblower– can you come back from la la land? Zappala doesn’t have the votes. People were calling Marcel all week wanting to cancel the meeting– people from the west wanted to cancel. Get your mind back to reality. Neither Zappala or Shapiro has enough votes to be endorsed.

  2. David Diano says:


    Did you receive a call?

  3. Rollo thomassey says:

    Martinez: “Well put.” I will vouch for you when Trump comes looking.

  4. Chris Martinez says:

    she aint gonna hafta resine cuz she aint dun nothing rong and she very inacint and she gonnna run for anuther term she wil win wid no problem,

  5. aaron says:

    Has she resigned yet?

  6. Whistleblower says:

    Attention State Committee members : voter suppression is alive and well. Marcel and Josh calling around trying to cancel State Committee so that Shapiro doesn’t get embarrassed!!! Zappala has the 2/3 votes. Fresh Start hacks pulling same old tricks.

  7. Senator Rutherford B. Cattywampus says:

    It’s news that all of
    the hosts are from Allegheny County? Lol

  8. hmmmm says:

    That invite looks atrocious. Does it seem like they’re really phoning in this campaign effort to anyone else?

  9. Rubio Lyfe says:

    dude shapiro stacks his money a mile high, he’s going to buy the attorney general’s office and wait for one term tom wolfie to resign and then run in 2018 as dem nominee for governor. calling it now.

  10. HaHaHa says:

    No, Aaron. Eakin has not resigned yet. He continues to bring shame to the highest Court in the State.

  11. Josh Guy says:

    Don’t worry State Committee members Josh is hosting a breakfast for all state committee members not just the ones that commit or are bullied into supporting him unlike the invite from Zambilly

  12. David Diano says:

    Most people at state committee are in the bar for happy hour before the dinner event anyway. This is not a shock. They were going to be in the bar regardless of Zappala hosting. 🙂

  13. HillarysDamnEmails says:

    Interesting approach to build support – creating a political food desert. Love the slogan “Support Zappala, then we’ll let you eat.” Well at least the Shapiro supporters will be thinner after State Committee. Maybe Kathleen Kane will leak the whereabouts of a Taco and Beer Truck so the non-Zappala supporters can grab a quick bite. And Morganelli can do boxed lunches for supporters to take back to their room while they hide in shame.

  14. Rollo thomassey says:

    With the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia supplying the food, it would be a good idea for everyone to bring along a personal taster. If no one dies after an hour or so, the intrepid pols can then binge. Who wants to go first? Rivers casino odds say it won’t be Stevie. Daddy has taught him to keep his mouth shut.

  15. gulagPittsburgh says:

    Jim J: Because Allegheny County DA’s have a long history of political prosecutions that meet none of their usual office guidelines or common sense. Then they go on to be judges, like Bob Colville.

  16. Chris Martinez says:

    jest red that tom corebit gonna run az a indapandt for hiz old posishun as genral aturney of penyslva.

  17. LostinPA says:

    Amen Jim J.

  18. DELCO OBSERVER says:

    looks like a free event and not a fundraiser…pretty common for candidates to do at state committee.

  19. aaron says:

    Has she resigned yet??

  20. Watcher says:

    They will monopolize the only restaurant in the hotel where Democratic State Committee is meeting, and at the same time as the Candidates Forum. Tone deaf.

  21. Jim J says:

    I hope one of these top democrats asks him why he charged and tried to convict an unarmed Black teen who was shot by the Police – who subsequently lied about it. If he can answer that one – I hope they ask him why he covered up a report (the “Critical Incident Review Board” Report) that was critical of the Police and questioned the truthfulness of the Police accounts of what happened.

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