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Zappala Wins Endorsement Of Philly Democrats

Stephen-ZappalaMontgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro could not secure the support of the Democrats from his neighboring county.

Instead, the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee decided to throw their support behind Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala’s campaign for Attorney General.

The announcement of this endorsement means that Zappala now has the support of the two largest Democratic organizations in PA, with Allegheny County in the west and Philadelphia in the east.

“Winning the endorsement of the organization that represents the biggest block of Democratic voters in Pennsylvania is a tremendous boost to our campaign,” Zappala stated. “I am truly honored that the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee chose to endorse me after taking measure of my 18-year record as a prosecutor fighting for justice for crime victims, holding corrupt public officials accountable and making our justice system more fair and transparent for everyone.”

In addition to Zappala and Shapiro, Northampton DA John Morganelli is also seeking the Democratic nomination in the race for Attorney General.

The contest is scheduled for April 26th.

32 Responses

  1. Zappala doesn’t prosecute cases either.Furthermore it has been a hate crime where a black man pushed on train tracks and the 5 guys got probation.Police brutality cases not prosecuted 8ppl killed he’s on TV saying arrests are coming.This man man is not worthy of being the AG

  2. Guys – let’s pretend the “Democratic Committee” in Philly is something beyond our guy’s buddies – Bob Brady and Johnny Doc.

    Oh – and make sure we deflect attention away from the fact that Johnny Doc just attacked a non-union worker with 3 goons at his side. It makes Steve look bad.

  3. formerPADem-

    Kane was attacked and undermined by PA GOP before she took office. (Fina made sure to lock in immunity deal for his pal Ali, after Kane was elected, but before she was sworn in.)

    She took down two supreme court judges along the way, without a lick of help from her “fellow Dems”. They had their own knives out to carve up the AG office for their own political pursuits. Wolf rolled over for his regularly scheduled belly-rub from the PA GOP when he called for her to step down.

    Murphy wanted the job for the same reason that Shapiro does: to run for Gov.

    Murphy never would have bagged two supreme court judges, nor halted/altered the culture at office and email practices.

  4. The fact that David is voting for Kane is all you need to know about him. He hates the party and he isn’t in any way an actual progressive. Kane gave money to Corbett and took a giant dump all over the office of AG. Anybody who doesn’t wish they could go back in time and vote for Murphy in the AG primary of 2012 is a moron.

  5. Mob alive and well-

    How is getting Philly endorsement “voter intimidation”?

  6. Everyday voter intimidation by the Zappala crew.

    Diano-who cares what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HaHaHa-

    So, you acknowledge lack of character as okay?

    I’m voting for Kane, anyway.

  8. DD – there are folks in MontCo that have worked with Shapiro. They say he is smart, honest and hard-working.

    The stuff you talk about is just politics. You mention nothing that a million before him haven’t done. And nothing that is illegal or improper.

  9. HaHaHa-

    Josh passed the character test?

    Was it “character” to accept $50,000 from charter school group?

    Was it “character” to run a stealth campaign for AG during his 2015 Commissioner campaign, with the money really intended to go to the AG campaign?

    Was it “character” to deny he was running for AG, until a week after he was sworn in January, when he finally announced?

    Was it “character” to run his own push-poll in November before he had declared (and BTW using what funds)?

    Is it “character” to run for an office you aren’t qualified to hold?

    Is it “character” to run for AG, just so you can run for Governor?

    There have been a lot of “character” questions brought up by others on PoliticsPA about Josh shaking down Montco staff and row officers for donations. Don’t know if any of it is true, but that would be a huge problem if it was.

  10. Hey DD. You know I love you … but you sound like the folks against Obama in 2008.

    Before you get to “experience,” you have to look at character. Shapiro passes that test. Zappala is faltering. Morganelli just totally failed.

  11. Francis-

    1) Shapiro isn’t remotely qualified for the job.

    2) Morganelli seems to hate Shapiro with a passion. He attacked Josh relentlessly at the debates. Zappala actually seemed surprised by Morganelli’s revelations, because he had no follow-up to them.

    3) Morganelli and Zappala, having served as DA’s, realize Josh isn’t qualified for the job, as do their supporters. The enemy of my enemy is sometimes my friend. So, working together to deny Josh would make sense as a strategy.

    4) Maybe Morganelli is hoping for an appointment to Zappala’s AG staff.

  12. gulagPittsburgh-

    Should “Cash for Kids” be the slogan for the charter school PACs?

  13. tommyd — No one should like things to be “fixed.” Unless we are talking about fixing the AG’s Office. My guess is that the shenanigans that Zappala and Morganelli are trying to pull will blow up in Zappala’s face, justas his TV ad about Blacks has blown up in his face.

  14. So the fix is in, eh? Maybe we Democrats not in Philadelphia don’t like to be fixed.

  15. jake o. :
    Not that strange for the 14th ward of Pittsburgh to go with a candidate that is seen as very liberal and has the support of their State Representative (Dan Frankel).


    How is Zappalla disliked at home? Pretty sure he has the support of every prominent elected Democrat (that has publically supported someone) in Allegheny County other than Rep. Frankel and City Councilman Dan Gilman. Doesn’t even face opponents in elections normally.

  16. jake,

    Is it really that strange? The Dem Committee in Philly is Brady and John Doc. They want their guy in the AG’s Office. Their guy is Zappala.

    Zappala is disliked at “home” because they know him and he is unlikeable. There is an article in today’s Philly paper that Morganelli and Zappala are in-cahoots. They know they can’t beat Shapiro on their own. So they are cheating to get the job done. Exactly what you don’t want in an Attorney General. Especially on the heels of Kane.

  17. What a strange election year this is shapiro got endorsed by the 14 ward in the city of pittsburgh Sunday which is right in zappala back yard which is the biggest ward in the city.

  18. A major point—Shapiro is NOT qualified for this office! And, he took $50,000 from the charter school crowd—meaning Shapiro is not a good Democrat!!!! Get a life, Josh……I’m for Morganelli. Z would be acceptable, but Morganelli is better.

  19. So, Zappala will be on the sample ballots as the endorsed party candidate throughout Philly (or will some wards have separate sample ballots)?

  20. Pittsburgh endorsement meeting was a phone call vote…..
    Philadelphia endorsement vote was run by 2+1=17 Bob Brady…….

    For the Attorney General race this corruption is over the top.

  21. He had my vote until I read that he and Morganellini are in bed together and that the sole purpose of Morganellini’s campaign is to sling mud at Shapiro. Disgraceful for that to be going on in the AG race.

  22. April Fools joke of the day. Bob Brady running an endorsement meeting. Bob Brady in-charge of counting votes. Watch some old state committee meetings on PCN watch how Brady lies about the vote totals.

    Hey Brady did you even invite any other candidate?

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