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Zappala Wins Support of Western PA Police

Stephen-ZappalaAllegheny County DA Stephen Zappala continues to consolidate support out west for his Attorney General campaign.

The Western Pennsylvania Police Chiefs’ Association announced that they’re endorsing Zappala’s campaign.

“As a rule, we don’t usually get involved in the electoral process but with Stephen Zappala on the ballot, we felt compelled to weigh-in given his record of service and accomplishment as District Attorney,” Fox Chapel Police Chief and President of the Western Pennsylvania Police Chiefs’ Association David Laux said. “No one has done more to advance the profession of law enforcement, from embracing advances in forensic science, getting illegal guns off the streets or to building public trust between communities and the public servants who police them.”

“The Chief’s Association endorsement of Stephen Zappala is one example of many more to come that demonstrates support beyond the traditional Democratic base and other Democratic politicians,” said Zappala Campaign Manager Marty Marks. “Stephen Zappala, with his record of experience and accomplishment, expands the playing field in a way no other candidate in this race can.”

The Western Pennsylvania Police Chiefs’ Association represents the police forces of twenty-one counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Cameron, Clarion, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Fayette, Forest, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, McKean, Mercer, Venango, Warren, Washington and Westmoreland.

Other Democratic candidates for Attorney General include incumbent Kathleen Kane, Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro and Northampton County DA John Morganelli.

16 Responses

  1. Fox Chapel Police Chief David Louse! That’s Zappala’s home boy and neighbor. Even in a simple cop endorsement, the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia has to cheat. If the fix goes in on a local endorsement made to look Large and regional, what can we expect if we put the mobsters in charge of law enforcement? Well, just look at what Daddy did when he took over the supreme court. The putrid smell left behind by Castille and the last of the Zappala fixers should give everyone pause about ever electing a Zappala again to a statewide office.

  2. But deep down… Senator Rutherford already knows he isn’t relevant… and never will be in western PA. He’s going for some liberal democrat that doesn’t have a chance in hell to win. The Zapper does. Sen. Rutherford will then suck up to the Zapper and do what he’s told, while telling them he was for him the entire time. Love this stuff…

  3. I ruffed Senator Rutherford’s feathers a little. Senator Ruthferford will find out how relevant he is when Zappala wins in a blow out.

  4. Allegheny county p.d.: you must be your boss’s number one suck up. He’s been a Zappala toady since !?£€#%! Fitz dumped Macken and it won’t help your boss in next years judge election. The endorsement was payback for the Leon ford fix and your boss was complicit with his silence. Keep sucking and you too will get your righteous reward. When a Zappala has no use for you, they have no use for you.

  5. Your the exact same ip that flooded this site with the Ready for Josh chit. I think clearly western pa has shown they are not ready any time soon. You know who else isn’t ready the legislators who had to take a bad vote increasing taxes when the vote wasn’t necessary. I’m sure their voter base isn’t ready either for more bad decisions from Wolf pack of morons.

  6. Anyone who thinks Steve Zappala is in the back pocket of cops is seriously mistaken. He has made them put cameras everywhere and is leading the charge for mandatory body cams. As an active public defender in Allegheny County, I can tell you that cops follow the rules because of him. He is the only District Attorney in PA who has successfully prosecuted and convicted a white cop for shooting a black suspect.

  7. Whistleblower–I’m not a Shapiro supporter.

    This article is about Zappala, thus I’m commenting about him.

    Observer–LOL…everyone “relevant.” That’s far from true. Try paying attention.

  8. Whistleblower – Except for the stuff about the Ford case appears to be true. It is all in the Press and in Court papers. Zappala did try to hide the report critical of the cops. It seems he did arrest an unarmed kid who the police mistook for someone else and then repeatedly shot.

  9. payback for the Leon ford fix. With the continuing Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia’s war on women and distain for Blacks, Sonny Corleone should get zero votes from yuppies, women and people of color…except for the ones they can buy off and exploit.

  10. Oh is this the part when Shapiro trolls who have 0 chance of winning start the smear campaign. Good to know. Then someone get the police to question every employee who works in a row office or patronage job in Montco and ask them how many times a year Shapiro has shaken them down for campaign contributions. Start in Bruce Haines office and work your way up

  11. Since Zappala has never found any police officer to have ever done anything wrong, of course the police would support Zappala. Duh.

  12. Of course the Police would support Zappala. He helps them cover-up when they shoot an innocent, unarmed kid. S omebody in the media better look into this guy’s handling of the “Leon Ford” case in Pittsburgh. Ford – an unarmed 19YO – was shot after Police mistook him for someone else, cursed him, called him a liar, and told him they would “get his Black ass out of his car when [they] wanted his Black ass out of the car.”
    Zappalla charged Ford – who has no record of criminal conviction and was laying in a hospital bed paralyzed by the Police bullets that ripped through his spine.. Zappala ost the case in Court, though, when a jury exonerated Mr. Ford. Before the trial, Zappala and the D.A.’s Office tried to conceal an official report that criticized the Police and questioned the credibility of the officer that shot Mr. Ford.

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