2014 PoliticsPA Pennsylvania Primary Pool

balloThink you’re Pennsylvania’s top politico?

Enter for your chance at eternal glory in this pool cosponsored by PoliticsPA & The Law Office of Adam Bonin.

5 points for PA-Gov winner, 3 points for runner-up, 3 points for Lt. Gov. winner, 1 for runner-up and so on and so forth.

The pool includes congressional, State Senate and House races, as well as a Philadelphia ballot initiative and a tie-breaker question.

All you have to do is submit your name, email and selections.

Winners will be announced here later this week.

Click here to begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

May 19th, 2014 | Posted in Features, Front Page Stories, Top Stories | 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “2014 PoliticsPA Pennsylvania Primary Pool”

  1. Jarvis Perkins says:

    Wolf is nominee. Stack is lt. Gov nominee.

    Corbett is working for me by raising gas prices and destroying public education. Can’t wait to vote this fool out.

  2. RJD says:

    I still think we see a McCord win tonight when all the votes are counted. I would like to see McCord enter the race as an independent if he does not secure the democratic nomination. He will certainly get a sizable amount of democrats voting for him. He is also liked by many republicans. He could certainly put up a good race in a three-way contest and would have a good chance to win.

  3. Andrew Managh says:

    Wolf wins and just like any good GOP millionaire, he outspent his opponents by spending his own money! Schwatrz was an embarrassment with her poorly run and financed campaign! McGinty’s ads were to weird to be taken seriously and McCord stepped it his own excrement. Prediction, Wolf gets beat by Corbett in November!

  4. PAINDY1 says:

    I hope Tom Corbett’s new Political Marriage Partner UPMC’s World Class Jeff Romoff will take time to vote in the not World Class Keystone State. I want to thank Mr. Romoff for all that he is doing for our region, and his #25th rated Cancer Center. I offer this piece of advice to gullible PAGOP donors. Scotty and World Class Romoff already believe they own the Governor’s Mansion. Then Let World Class Jeff Romoff and his board personally finance the Corbett funeral cortege. Mr. Romoff in Pennsylvania you can give unlimited gifts. Go Large Go World Class. You own a jet, a yacht and why not a Governor too?? UPMC CEO Romoff raked in $6.6 million in 2012; 30 others in $1M club | TribLIVE


  5. David Diano says:

    Tom Wolf like Corbett?

    Hmm. Both have two arms and two legs. Each has one head (but in Corbett’s case there’s little evidence of use). Both are over 50 years old. Both are married and have children. Both will win their party’s primary.

    Gee…. they are practically twins.

    Oh, wait, Corbett doesn’t want to charge the frackers, or fund public education. Corbett opposed a woman’s right to choose, tried to take away voting rights for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, and doesn’t support gay marriage rights.

  6. JD says:

    Great article on this race. Congratulations to our nominee, Tom Wolf.


  7. Hmm... says:

    Corbett 2.0

    Let’s see…

    -2 time state row officer, running for Governor in his second term
    -No executive experience
    -No previous state government experience
    -Arrogant, pompous and plays dirty politics
    -Outsources jobs to India

    Is that Tom Corbett or Rob McCord?

  8. John Hangar Grassroots says:

    I think you left John off of your poll. He’s the best candidate by far and is going to crush everyone on Tuesday!

  9. Chris says:

    Worked for me.

  10. Brittany Foster says:

    Make sure you don’t have pop-ups blocked; it will open in a new window

  11. Dan Dan the tax Man says:

    Link No work?

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