4/27 Morning Buzz

Fresh this morning, a new Quinnipiac poll shows Tom Corbett’s negatives are on the rise, though he still enjoys a net favorable approval rating. Voters are sending mixed messages about the budget and specific ways to decrease the deficit; they disapprove of the way Corbett is handling the process, but support his no-tax approach (except on Marcellus). At the end of the day, its probably a wash for the Governor.

The buzz in Harrisburg this week is all about Marcellus. PA Senate Pro Tem Joe Scarnati, whose district will be deeply affected by the development of gas drilling, is introducing a bill to institute an impact fee. People on every side of the issue will be watching closely. How flexible will the plan be? Will the bill seek to bring any revenue to Harrisburg? What will Governor Corbett say?

Scarnati’s office is content to let the anticipation build.

Those of you hoping to have a quiet campaign off-year will likely be disappointed. Both parties’ congressional campaign committees launched robocalls this this week targeting

And Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law in Carlisle is about to get a colorful new faculty member. P.J. Crawly, the former spokesman to Hillary Clinton who recently (and unceremoniously) departed the State Department, will join the school this semester.

Good morning politicos, and welcome to the buzz.

PoliticsPA Reports

Poll: Mixed Numbers for Governor Corbett
A Quinnipiac poll released this morning showed a jump in Tom Corbett’s disapproval, however the Governor’s approval rating remains net positive. In a sense, the numbers reflect the argument Corbett has made since unveiling his budget proposal: voters elected him to make tough decisions, some of which are bound to be unpopular.

Campaign Committees Launch Robocall Salvo
The Congressional campaign arms of both U.S. House caucuses have launched automated phone messages against several members of the Pennsylvania delegation.

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