PoliticsPA: Underdog Pascal not backing down from chairman’s race

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By Alex Roarty

Longtime Armstrong County Democrat Chuck Pascal said Thursday he’s not backing down from plans to run for chairman of the state Democratic Party despite likely opposition from some of the party’s most powerful leaders.

Pascal faces Montgomery County Chairman Marcel Groen and Allegheny County Chairman Jim Burn, the early favorite, in a battle that pits him against two of the party’s most prominent officials. He might also face a challenge from incumbent chairman T.J. Rooney, who, in the wake of Dan Onorato’s decision to stay out of the election, could be receiving pressure from Governor Ed Rendell stay in the job through the election.

But the former state committee member said their involvement doesn’t deter him because Democrats from across the state, not just the largest areas, pick the new chairman.

Pascal cast himself as the grassroots alternative who nonetheless can still navigate political waters at the highest level.

“I think I have a good relationship with both the progressive side of the party and the establishment side of the party,” the Democrat said. “State committee chairmanships shouldn’t always be decided by the decisions of the few largest counties and or their leaders. “I think the state committee should choose its chair.”

Pascal wants to capitalize on the resentment some members feel about not having a bigger voice in major decisions, he said.

“Voices of the rest of the state aren’t often heard,” said the former local elected official. “We need to make sure that state committee needs to become more open to listening. State committee members don’t really feel they have a voice or a role there. That’s a frustration among most state committee people.”

The Democratic state committee will select its new chairman next weekend at its summer meeting.

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2 thoughts on “PoliticsPA: Underdog Pascal not backing down from chairman’s race”

  1. Lana says:

    If any body across the Commonwealth would like a great chairman that will get the party back on track and that would listen to everyone from the big city slickers to the little farmer, every state committee member should consider Chuck Pascal.

    I was a state committee member for 14 years and have watch them fall apart and ignore the bylaws. We have a small window to get the party back to where it should be and Chuck Pascal would do this. It is way past time to not have anyone from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia as the other 65 counties are get ignored as the two big cities only has cared about themselves.

    I have know Chuck Pascal for many years since he was a young Democrat, a State committee member,long time standing School Board member and elected as Mayor of Leachburg, Armstrong county. He has served in every position with honor and fairness to all and this is what State Committee needs.

    Chuck Pascal should be the next chairman of the State Party good things would happen for the whole Commonwealth. It is time for Chuck Pascal as it may be that the others are doing it for all the wrong reasons.

    State Committee Members, do yourself a favor and vote for Chuck Pascal !

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