Corbett Secures First PAC Endorsement of New Campaign

-Gov. Tom Corbett

-Gov. Tom Corbett

Governor Corbett has an early endorsement to boost momentum for the campaign for re-election he will be launching this week.

PEG PAC, Pennsylvania’s oldest pro-business political action committee, announced its support of the incumbent governor. Founded in 1972 it is the affiliated PAC of the Pennsylvania Business Council (PBC).

The PAC has been loyal to Corbett over the years, backing him in 2004 and 2008 for AG, and in 2010 in his first campaign for Gov. PEG was his first PAC endorsement in each of these races as well.

“Governor Corbett’s kept his promise to manage the state in a long-term fiscally responsible manner,” said PBC Chair Kathy L. Pape. “For that he’s earned the respect of those of us in the private sector who must also do the same. The governor’s policies are helping the state’s job creators grow our economy and get people back to work.”

Corbett is kicking off his re-election bid this week with planned stops in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and possibly Johnstown, Erie, and Harrisburg.

In the letter of endorsement sent out on Tuesday, PEG PAC representatives praised Corbett for balancing the budget without raising taxes, and putting a priority on the state’s businesses.

“Just as Pennsylvania families had to tighten their belts the past several years to get through the economic downturn, state government did the same,” said PBC President & C.E.O. David W. Patti. “Governor Corbett has not engaged in the budget games and sleight of hand so popular in Washington, D.C.”

This endorsement does not come as a major surprise considering PEG PAC rarely endorses Democrats (In 2012 they endorsed 1 Dem to 15 Republicans). Corbett is also expected to maintain his widespread support from the business community in this election cycle.

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2 thoughts on “Corbett Secures First PAC Endorsement of New Campaign”

  1. PAINDY1 says:

    John Brabender’s candidates are not his only clients that have been subject to expensive losing ad campaigns. The Trib Review took a shot at Brabender’s alleged Highmark ads and his wonderful alleged political strategic advice. COS Gromis-Baker please disclose if Acting Governor Brabender improved his net worth making these Highmark Ads? Has our acting Govenor John Brabender profited from the medical system wars in Western PA?

  2. PAINDY1 says:

    Our Dark Prince and Acting Governor John Brabender looked suitably dour on CNN tonight. I’ve seen more personality and enthusiasm at an Undertaker’s Convention. I look forward to the opening of the Corbett library in Loudon County Virginia.

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