DCCC Tries to Tag Fitz with Sequester (Watch Video)

The forthcoming package of automatic spending cuts known as the sequester, the final portion of the debt ceiling deal of 2011, is an enormous morass which both parties are hoping to blame on the other.

Fitzpatrick DCCC sequesterEconomists predict that the $1.2 trillion on federal spending cuts will threaten the country’s delicate recovery.

Unfortunately for Republicans, recent polling suggests that more Americans would blame them should the problem go unresolved by the March 1 deadline.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hoping to seal the deal. They’ve selected Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) along with 26 other GOP incumbents to try and tie to the mess (Fitz is the only member from Pa.).

The web video compiles doom-and-gloom newscaster predictions about the sequester and, with a little iMovie magic, tells voters to call on Fitzpatrick to stop the cuts.

The DCCC calls the web video the “first phase” of a broader push. But they wouldn’t disclose the amount they’re spending on the ads and declined to elaborate on subsequent phases. Read: this is an earned media effort.

NRCC spokesman Daniel Scarpinato tossed the blame right back at President Obama and defended Fitzpatrick.

“Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick supports replacing the president’s sequester with common-sense reductions in wasteful spending that will help grow our economy and protect taxpayers,” he said. “By throwing these kinds of silly bombs, Washington Democrats are only making it harder to find a responsible solution to this problem.”

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11 thoughts on “DCCC Tries to Tag Fitz with Sequester (Watch Video)”

  1. Better Call Saul says:

    Hazel Brown,

    Maybe you should read the Woodward article that suggests the President did push for the option.

    Also consult the speech he gave in November of 2011 saying the sequester should be kept in place. Oh I believe he also mentioned he would veto any replacement for those cuts.

  2. NachoBear says:

    In 2009, Democrats exploded our national spending $1.6 trillion/year with frivolous things like: bird-watching promotions, frog mating habits studies, walking paths, streetlights, jungle gyms, and even farmers’ markets. $2 Billion to Brazil for oil drilling support, bankrupt windmill companies ….. the list of payoffs to Democrat-supporting constituents is never ending.

    Fitzpatrick and the other adults in leadership are merely trying to bring some sanity back into our budgetary process.

  3. Hazel Brown says:

    Dr. Sklaroff, no more disingenuous than saying that “BHO” caused the sequester.

  4. Most voters would correctly perceive this ad as disingenuous, if for no other reason than BHO signed the bill [and Woodward documented it had been his idea, along with that of Jack Lew].

  5. Baxter G says:

    I wish the DCCC would spend their funds elsewhere, because Fitzpatrick is not going to lose in 2014. They are not going to find a candidate (a quality one) to run against him because the 8th knows Fitz is popular. High name recognition. Active and visible in the community. And despite what the ads say, not a radical right-winger.

  6. delco observer says:


  7. Kathleen3 says:

    The Democrat’s past two challengers, Kathy Bookvar and Patrick Murphy, should have convinced them Bucks County residents are not even close to stepping into the Progressives’ sewer.

  8. gypsy says:

    Fitzpatrick needs a break! he is doing the best he can for the diverse constituency of the eighth District.

  9. Better Call Saul says:


    Look at the numbers. Mitt Romney won the 8th District and Fitz won by nearly 50,000 votes. He is doing something right in Bucks County. The DCCC is too blind to realize it’s already lost.

  10. Sean Ryan says:

    Lucky? 40,000 votes lucky?

    Fitzpatrick beat every race in the entire county and district and will cruise to victory again.
    Not only did people vote fitzpatrick across party lines, they voted for Obama then switched and voted for Fitzpatrick.

  11. coco says:

    Fitz got lucky in 2012. He was able to lie successfully to avoid talking about his voting record. Maybe now that he’s a tax and spend Republican, the tea party with launch a primary challenge

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