Eichelberger “Strongly Considers” a Run for PA-9

State Sen. John Eichelberger is considering a run to replace retiring Congressman Bill Shuster, with an announcement coming on Saturday.

Eichelberger was “very seriously considering a run if [Shuster] was running” but Shuster’s retirement changed the math on his decision.  

With an open seat, possible candidates who would not have considered a run against an incumbent are more likely to enter the race for an open seat.  

Eichelberger believes he was a “spark for change in Harrisburg over the years” he has been there.  

“[state Sen.] Folmer and I were the original reformers, and have seen a critical mass of like-minded individuals enter the legislature,” Eichelberger said in an interview with PoliticsPA.  

Eichelberger believes his conservative record will help him if he enters the race, saying he has a “conservative record, and I will stand on that.”  

Eichelberger will make an announcement about his decision this Saturday at noon at the East Freedom Fire Hall.  The fact that he has an announcement at a public facility usually is an indication that he will be entering the race.

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2 thoughts on “Eichelberger “Strongly Considers” a Run for PA-9”

  1. Robert B Sklaroff, M.D. says:

    Pennsylvania’s loss would be America’s gain.

  2. Pragmatist says:

    Senator Eichelberger is the front runner.

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