Gov Candidates Woo State Committee Delegates in Forum

Schwartz McCord debate

All of the Democratic candidates for governor participated in a forum this evening at the PA Dems State Committee Winter Meeting.

Jobs and education were the most popular topics of the night, and the last question to the candidates asked which their most important issue was.

State Treasurer Rob McCord got the most out of this question by responding, “investment,” and spun education, jobs and infrastructure into one answer.

Former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, former DEP Secretaries Katie McGinty and John Hanger each picked jobs, but also mentioned education.

Minister Max Myers was alone in choosing the environment.

Given that the forum was hosted by the Women’s Caucus, Schwartz played strongly to the audience.

Schwartz signing autographs after the event

Schwartz signing autographs after the event

“Make sure that women are at the table and everywhere in this administration,” she said. “No better way to do that than to make sure it’s a woman governor.”

Each of the candidates agreed on the labeling of GMOs on food, with the consensus that consumers should know what they’re buying.

There was also much discussion about voting access and each of the candidates were in favor of expanding it.

“There are mechanical things we can do but the most important thing we can do is get people to believe in our system and restore the trust we’ve lost,” Wolf responded to the question of voting access.

McCord also responded strongly in this section.

“This is not primarily a technical issue, it’s a moral mandate,” he said. “We have a governor who did the wrong thing knowingly, and he spent millions to suppress the vote. They knew what they were doing, it was wrong. We need a nominee who can fire people up.”

Hanger responded to McCord saying that he was the candidate that could bring the most voters to the polls in November and had the policies that would bring young people, women and minorities to the voting booths.

He talked specifically about his plans to make online charter schools accountable, legalize and tax marijuana and referred attendees to his website to see the details of his jobs plan.

McGinty turned her DEP experience into a jobs response, saying “For 25 years I’ve fought to show that you can grow jobs when you protect the government.”

Wolf’s business experience resonated well with the audience when he talked about the nuance of low interest rates and his company.

“Actually, I’ve created jobs in places like York,” he quipped.

The candidates all agreed that non-discrimination policies should be extended to LGBT people in the state, with candidates saying that Pennsylvania needs to be welcoming to all individuals.

Schwartz had a notable answer here.

“If we want to be a great state, we need to welcome and respect everyone,” Schwartz said summarizing what most of the candidates responded. “I would stand up for marriage equality too.”

“This issue is close to my heart because when I was born, the kind of marriage that I have wasn’t legal,” McCord said. “These issues are pretty straightforward, do the right thing. Make illegal any bigoted behavior.”

Following the reception, many of the candidates are hosting receptions.

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12 thoughts on “Gov Candidates Woo State Committee Delegates in Forum”

  1. Ron says:

    John Hanger received the most (and loudest) applause lines throughout the forum. That should have been mentioned in this article!!

  2. Unsanctioned R says:

    “Therefore, the use of “may” is pure speculation and improper.”

    Here is the backtrack and why your rants cannot be trusted. You repeatedly express opinions as facts.

    I know you sometimes miss the obvious point to an apples and oranges comparison, but not everyone is a debate champion. I write for everyone else.

    I love that you’re the spokesman for liberal thought here.

  3. David Diano says:

    “Obama had denied being a Muslim and being born in Kenya”

    Yet, plenty in the far-right wing (and Fox) still stated or implied he for years (and still do). So, YOU are making MY point that the denial isn’t enough for the right-wingers who seek to distort the facts and mislead the voters.

    The statement is false because there is not a shred of evidence to suggest it’s true AND because the organization already issued a clear denial. Therefore, the use of “may” is pure speculation and improper.

  4. Unsanctioned R says:

    There you go again mixing up apples and oranges. Obama had denied being a Muslim and being born in Kenya. Schwartz prefers not to answer the question of whether she referred patients down the road for late-term abortions.

    To say as you have, “May have referred patients to Gosnell – False,” is just not credible and is a pattern for you.

  5. David Diano says:

    She ran an abortion clinic – True
    May have referred patients to Gosnell – False

    But, the GOP will use that “may” like they use “Obama may have been born in Kenya” or “Obama may be a secret Muslim”

    However, there is NOTHING connecting her to Gosnell other than the issue of abortion itself. The real problem with Gosnell was that he was terrible doctor running a sub-standard clinic.

  6. JohnRM says:

    I have to agree with Mark on the viability of Allyson Schwartz. I think that abortion, Obamacare, and her career politician status hurts her too much. John Hanger would be the preferred candidate for Republicans, because of how far left he is. Litz and Myers are non-starters. The best shot we have is going to be with Katie McGinty, Rob McCord, or Tom Wolf. I think Wolf has a chance to play well to the center and independent voters, but he has work to do to catch up. If Wagner enters the race, all bets are off.

  7. JohnRM says:

    I thought Katie McGinty and Rob McCord came through the strongest in this debate. For seven questions, I scored them 6 pts. and 5 pts. respectively, not just on the content, but on eloquence as well. I thought John Hanger (4) came through pretty well and passionately. I was disappointed with Tom Wolf. At times, it sounded as though he didn’t just responded off the cuff without having thought about the issue in question. I hope he can do better. Max Meyers was a disaster. You can’t choose the environment as your most important issue.

  8. Me says:

    Prefer Allyson Schwartz over McCord any day. Hanger over the both of them.

  9. Mark says:

    Schwartz is unelectable in a general election. She ran an abortion clinic and may have referred patients to Gosnell! We need someone that can beat Corbett. Schwartz can’t pull PA’s independent and middle of the road voters.

  10. David Diano says:

    You sound like a commie trying to restrict voting.

  11. Joe says:

    “There was also much discussion about voting access and each of the candidates were in favor of expanding it”.

    That means make sure every filthy, illegal immigrant can stuff the ballot and vote commiecrat.

  12. Jeremy Haloskie says:

    This picture tells it all…. McCord and Schwartz just do not like each other. This was evident at the PSEA Guv forum. Schwartz would roll her eyes every time McCord would talk.

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