Dem State Rep Torches Obama Visit in Facebook Rant

Kevin Haggerty

State Rep. Kevin Haggerty (D-Lackawanna)

State Rep. Kevin Haggerty, whose district includes part of Scranton, is not impressed with President Obama’s plan to visit the Electric City.

Over the weekend, Haggerty blasted the President in a Facebook post for a trip he characterized as an effort to gloss over the region’s economic problems.

“Our families are out of work and all the president continues to do is tour the country like Bruce Springstein [sic], as though seeing his face is some kind of prophetic inspiration,” he wrote. A screenshot of the post was obtained by PoliticsPA.

“Forget the speech Mr President. We are not dumb. Why don’t you spend a few nights here, sit down in closed doors and ensure we don’t turn out like Detroit.”

He also took aim at the NBC sitcom ‘The Office,’ which was set in Scranton. “The nation mocked us for more than a decade through the eyes of a Hollywood sitcom,” he said.

Haggerty’s district includes Lackawanna College, a two-year vocational school where Obama is scheduled to speak some time Friday.

Haggerty, 41, was elected in 2012 after defeating incumbent Rep. Ken Smith in the Democratic primary.

Knocking the President could be a risky decision for Haggerty. Thanks to redistricting, he’s likely to face a member-vs-member primary against state Rep. Frank Farina (whose district is being sent south to Monroe County). 49% of registered Democrats in the newly drawn 112th are Haggerty’s current voters. 43% reside in Farina’s current district.

Here’s Haggerty’s full Facebook post:

Haggerty Facebook

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20 thoughts on “Dem State Rep Torches Obama Visit in Facebook Rant”

  1. Jane says:

    Today when I got home from running errands there was a flyer from you thrown on my porch. If no one is home don’t leave your garbage on my porch! You must be desparate since your recent criticism of the President. You were an idiot for speaking out against him! You should have instead went after the real cause of the area’s problems our crooked governor!! He should be in jail for doing nothing about Sandusky!! And cutting education & jobs!! But instead you ignorantly went after the man who’s trying to fix the mess the republicans left this country in. And he’s doing a damn fine job despite the republican obstruction! You should be ashamed of yourself! I am! Do us all a favor and don’t run again! We have enough problems with conservatives and the tea tard party!!

  2. Peggy says:

    The problem with Democrats they eat their own. The Republicans may hate your guts, but if you are a Republican they will stand by you. This Rep needs to go. We have too many good Democrats who would probably do a better job and support the President.

  3. DemPA says:

    This is a pathetic attempt by a lowly state rep (and we have lots of them here in PA) of trying to score a meeting with the President of the United States. I’m sure he tried and tried to get the President to do just what he was demanding and was blown off – just as he should be. Funny the Republicans on here are cheering the Representative on – when the programs that he’s asking for are the ones that the Republican controlled US House has been blocking (to say nothing of the do-nothing Republican controlled PA House and Senate!, let alone (wait what’s his name) – oh, Tom Corbett. Get a grip folks – stop acting like Alabama

  4. Glad to be gone says:

    Finally, even the Dems are starting to get frustrated with the do-nothing Prez-0 coming in looking for photo-ops. Love the comments of all you sheeple. You continue to vote for Donkeys and wonder why SWB smells like A$$. You believe the working families rhetoric but miss that they only care about working UNION families, through whom they get campaign contiributon kick-backs everytime they get more of your tax dollars. I love the McGrath’s dig. Like a guy who goes to bars and drinks can’t represent a bunch of people who pretty much go to bars and drink. Way to go Kevin!

    Great post Jordan GD!

  5. Kelly Devine says:

    Same rep. who wants to require adoption materials be distributed to those seeking abortions.

  6. PAINDY1 says:


  7. delco observer says:

    Mr. Representative…what have you done to help your district? What has your congressman done? To sit there and blame Scranton’s ills on one man is sophomoric. You are doing a great disservice to your constituents by taking on the President. I think you are assured that after next years primary you will have 5 months to find a job.

  8. Coal Cracker says:

    Brilliant criticism of Obummer! Visiting Scranton the next Detroit is emblematic of the failure of Democrat policy!

  9. Spider Jerusalem says:

    This guy is a total wet brained steakhead. Shameful that a member of public office would post such a sloppy diatribe.

  10. Paul says:

    This has to be a joke, right? There’s no way a real representative could sound so unintelligent. Please tell me someone hacked his fb and posted that crazy, incoherent message.

  11. Proobama says:

    I think anyone would gladly become a part of the conversation and take his visit as an opportunity to tell the President and the world on what Scranton needs and how the area had begun working to solve its problems. Sounds like Haggerty would rather be drinking at Buddy Clark’s than telling the President about our area.

  12. Villacomma says:

    Wow, for a Villanova graduate, his grammar is terrible.

  13. Jeremy says:

    A President’s job is to inspire citizens to be the best they can be, like Ronald Reagan. This state Rep is noticing that Obama is a one trick pony: shifting blame for problems, instead of fixing problems. Then again, what more can we expect from a community organizer?

  14. Angelbee says:

    He’s the President… he’s not God and can’t heal every problem in the country…. it’s YOUR district , YOUR cities, YOUR fellow citizens… get off your butt and YOU do something to help them.

  15. KingOfSpades says:

    So now even Democrats who aren’t gung-ho on the Obama agenda are stupid racist Tea Baggers? More of that famous liberal tolerance and diversity we’re always hearing about…

  16. Jordan Gwendolyn Davis says:

    So, everyone is a Tea Partier if they think Obamney is not all he’s cracked up to be. All Mr. Haggerty is doing is pointing out that people are still out of work, others who can’t work aren’t having their needs met, fracking is still going on, etc. In fact, he supports LGBT rights. Far from a tea partier!!!

  17. Bram R says:

    I’m left to assume there are a lot of angry, dissatisfied Scrantonistas. “We are not teenage girls”: well, surely some of you are, and what’s wrong with that?

  18. Flashlight says:

    I’m not sure why the Rep. thinks Obama is there to give him a handout, or why he thinks Obama had more to do with Scranton’s problems than the horrific Tea Party State House. I’ve honestly never heard of him before, but it sounds like he’s drinking the Tea, a DINO who thinks The Office somehow “mocked” his hometown.
    This should have the rightwing-talkshow-fans tumescent for the rest of the day, though. Let ’em have their fun, 2014 is coming, and the demographics are not in their favor at all.

  19. Noxen says:

    That may be the best Facebook Post I ever read.

  20. Sean Kitchen says:

    Now that’s the Kevin Haggerty I know from drinking at McGrath’s this past semester!

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