Mango Launches New TV Ad on Sexual Harassment in Harrisburg

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango launched a new statewide TV ad focusing on corruption and sexual harassment in Harrisburg.

The 30 second ad features Mango speaking to camera and providing the voice over.  

“I think any Harrisburg politician convicted of corruption should lose his state pension.  There should be zero tolerance for sexual harassment by any Harrisburg politician.  And if there’s a settlement, they should pay it, not the taxpayers,” Mango says.  

The ad buy continues Mango’s introduction to statewide voters, putting his message out to a statewide audience to try to increase his name recognition ahead of the May primary.  

The ad comes after allegations of multiple members of the state Legislature using tax payer dollars to settle sexual harassment claims.  Mango, along with the rest of the GOP field for Governor did not join in calls for Congressman Pat Meehan to resign it was revealed Meehan used his office’s budget to settle a sexual harassment claim, though Mango faulted the use of taxpayer money to settle the claim.

Mango’s inclusion of lawmakers keeping their pensions after being convicted of crimes boosts his campaign message of being an ‘outsider.’

You can view the ad below.


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12 thoughts on “Mango Launches New TV Ad on Sexual Harassment in Harrisburg”

  1. Aristocrat says:

    It was $1.9 million. Get it right.

  2. Same Old Same Old says:

    This is a really bad ad. The point of mentioning taking pensions away after conviction when they already are being taken away seems pandering and confusing. How a candidate for Governor can possibly not be aware of the fact that Harrisburg politicians convicted of a crime already lose their state pension is beyond me. So, Mango must know the current law. It just seems to be a weak argument/video ad and totally misses the real life concerns of Pa voters.

    1. Bob Mellow says:

      Oh yeah?

  3. Jeb Bush Jr says:

    You would think his media quality would be better after paying consultants 1.8 mill last year. Couldn’t even afford to hire real people in the background?

  4. Fake says:

    How many times does this guy think he can get away with using holograms of fake people to make it seem like his flagging campaign has actual support?

    1. DVR says:

      As often as he’ll let Brabilker bilk him for over-produced ads with actors posing with real people.

      1. Lulz says:

        Funny shit right there

  5. madge89 says:

    He needs to focus on illegal immigration and on winning the primary.
    Should endorse Barletta.

    1. LOU says:

      Us moderates have to stick together.

  6. Don Providence says:

    Thanks Governor Green Screen!

  7. Isaac L. says:

    He forgot the part where he supports cult leaders with their own militias who hold ceremonies to bless AR-15s and warn about the dangers of public school teachers indoctrinating children with the Homosexual Agenda.

    What exactly is the homosexual agenda, anyway? Getting more children out of the foster system and patronizing community theater?

    1. Rick Santorum Jr. Jr. says:

      Oh yes. Remember when “the gay agenda” was the GOPs boogy man?

      Those were the days.

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