Pelosi to Fundraise for Cartwright

Matt Cartwright has landed some big help in fundraising in the race for the 17th Congressional District, as Democrats kiss and make up after last month’s primary.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that she will hold an event for Cartwright on June 9 at the Lackawanna Station Hotel.

The Lackawanna County attorney defeated Democratic Rep. Tim Holden in April.

According to The Scranton Times-Tribune and Cartwright spokesman Shane Seaver, tickets prices are by donation at a minimum suggested amount of $1,000. Donating the maximum legal amount of $2,500 earns the donor a photograph with Pelosi.

Cartwright, the Democratic nominee for the 17th Congressional District will square off against Republican nominee Laureen Cummings. However, with the new redistricting leaving the 17th District a darker shade of blue, Cartwright has a significant edge. However Cartwright, speaking with The Scranton Times-Tribune, said he recognizes the importance of fundraising for this campaign and doesn’t take anything for granted.

It’s the first time in awhile that Pelosi has visited the 17th district. She was a general election liability for Cartwright’s primary foe, blue dog Holden, in 2010. He wasn’t shy about saying it, either. In 2011, Holden voted against her for Minority Leader.

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One thought on “Pelosi to Fundraise for Cartwright”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Pelosi campaigning for Cartwright should serve to increase Cummings standings in the polls and convince anyone who cares about this country to wipe Cartwright’s name off the list for consideration.

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