Pries Announces run for Open 15th District

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Dauphin county Commissioner Mike Pries announced he is jumping in the race to be the Republican nominee in the open 15th Congressional district next year.  

Pries announced his candidacy in a video and an op-ed written by Pries.  

Pries has served as a Commissioner for 6 years, and a township supervisor for 6 year.  

“As Dauphin County Commissioner and a local government leader for the past 12 years, I have put the needs of hardworking families first and have never raised property taxes,” Pries’ website reads.  

Pries joins state Representatives Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh) and Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh), and Lehigh county Commissioner Marty Nothstein in the race.  

You can view Pries’ video below.  

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18 thoughts on “Pries Announces run for Open 15th District”

  1. TiredofCronies says:

    Uehlinger is the only exciting candidate running in this race. He is overlooked because he is so dangerous to corruption running rampant in our government. He is the candidate who will guard the principles of our constitution and the rights of the people against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  2. Mike Pries' Consultant says:

    Sssssh!!!! Of course Mike has no chance in hell especially with Simmons dropping out. I will bill him for $30,000 before he figures it out, so just shut the hell up already.

  3. Truthisoutthere says:

    Mike is a good guy. I don’t know if he can win – but he Isnt a child molester protector like his fellow Commission Jeff Haste nor a fake Democrat and thug like his other colleague George Hartwick.

    1. Mr. Rapp says:

      Mike is a good guy, among the very best. Every time I’ve asked him for something he has delivered in spades. If only all politicians were as reliable as Mike.

      1. Swamp Master Piccola says:

        You are so right Mr. Rapp. Mike Pries is a total team player. Whenever we needed help with our schemes in Dauphin County, Mike was all in, even when it came time to collude with Hartwick and Reed.

  4. B. Steele says:

    Surefire way to lose the 15th to a Democrat is to run a small-time commissioner from outside the Lehigh Valley. Laughable.

    1. Truth be told says:

      B Steele: Perhaps I’m looking at this particular race wrong. I see this as one where putting a strong candidate (And I don’t view Mike as small time BTW) in from anywhere in the District gives a better chance in the Fall General than with one of the 2 House members from the Valley. Maybe Nothstein or Uhlinger then instead. But this race has the feel of Best person over zip code. I guess we shall see over the next 6 months, right?

  5. US-15 says:

    Mike might be the one candidate who can pull off bringing the various parts of the District together. Because up until now nobody has generated any excitement from what I’ve seen or heard.

  6. Sweet and Salty says:

    Didn’t happen to see the Lehigh Valley in there lol..

    1. Children at play says:

      Stop the Presses! There’s finally an adult in the race! Now let’s see how long it takes for the kiddos to begin posting.

      1. Truth to power says:

        Why is it that you never include Uehlinger in your news feed? He’s been in the race longer then Marty?

        1. KeystoneVotes says:

          Agree completely. The guy is the only one generating talk in DC, receiving national media coverage, and serious about representing the district, not taking the next step on the political ladder. He’s been hitting local GOP events for months. He seems like the most likely horse.

          1. George W. says:

            Well, I know this is clearly not true. I work in DC in politics and I follow races in PA. I have NEVER heard of him. Also, please show me these “national media stories” about him. I’d like to see what the coverage was about.

          2. TiredofCronies says:

            Absolute nonsense. You aren’t a disciplined consumer of media. You work on a limited steam of information. He is on tv multiple times a month speaking as an expert on national security. Uehlinger is the most prepared candidate for what our country and constitution face in the future. 100% MAGA

          3. Joe M says:

            Uehlinger has appeared multiple times on cable news as an intelligence expert. Also numerous national radio appearances. The guy knows his stuff, just read his campaign website. Uehlinger is the real deal and he handily won the delegate race to the Republican National Convention last year, far outpolling McKenzie.

      2. Oh brother says:

        Pries has been walking around saying stuff like this for a while and he is totally self righteous about it. Honestly, he zero chance of winning, so it is an ego trip for him. I hope donors, volunteers, and supporters see how selfish that is of him.

        1. Truth be told says:

          Whoa big fella. Take a deep breath. You sound like someone who has a personal stake in this and aren’t happy that Mike from Dauphin is running. I wish him the best and will be supporting him over the swamp rat State Reps.

          1. max2sam says:

            “Mike from Dauphin” can’t win. Too far from where the votes are.

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