Rep. Gerlach Assails President Obama in Op-Ed


Rep. Jim Gerlach

Congressman Jim Gerlach wrote an impassioned op-ed in the Pottstown Mercury this morning in which he asserts that President Obama has overstepped the boundaries of executive power through a misuse of executive orders, and by warping the constitution to fit his own needs.

Gerlach, who represents Pennsylvania’s sixth district, argued that the United States is facing a constitutional crisis akin to the Watergate era.

“Regrettably, the current administration has sought to expand the limits of executive power once again, reminding many of us of the trying days our republic endured under President Nixon,” Gerlach wrote.

To support his argument, Gerlach cites three examples: an executive order concerning immigration and deportation, Obama’s decision to postpone a portion of the health-care law a few weeks ago, and Attorney General Holder’s memo that made alterations to federal marijuana laws. Despite his heavy assertions, Gerlach does not offer any comparative data to suggest that Obama is using his executive powers in a manner that is significantly different from past presidents.

The Congressman concludes the piece by arguing that President Obama has largely abandoned the interests of the nation’s founders.

“So if our nation is now confronted with a chief executive who regularly legislates by executive order, regulation or memo rather than engaging and winning over the Congress to achieve policy goals, are we not in a time where the constitutional law-making process created by the founders has been turned on its head for the sake of executive expediency?” Gerlach asked.

In the past, Gerlach has been portrayed as one of the most moderate members of the Republican caucus. With this op-ed, however, the Congressman now joins a growing list of Republicans who have sought to portray the Obama administration as unconstitutional and overly active.

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6 thoughts on “Rep. Gerlach Assails President Obama in Op-Ed”

  1. 1watching1 says:

    While he says the Feds will look the other way on marijuana, the Prez won’t let the states deal with illegal immigration.
    The Congressman is on the mark: using Executive Orders to bypass Congress is unconstitutional and dangerous.

  2. delco observer says:

    Gerlach is one of the ultimate experts in survival. All he is doing is covering his right flank…he is pathetic.

  3. KSJW says:

    @Arlen, what about Brady and Fattah then?

  4. Arlen says:

    Gerlach is pathetic. He will remain one of the most moderate Repubican members of Congress to be able to keep his seat in SE PA. More Americans should be lucky to serve a few terms in Congress. Pennsylvania’s population has not declined and remains one of the largest populated states in the Union, but continues to lose Congressional seat(s) every ten years to smaller faster growing states. The last time the total number of Congressional seats was increased was more than 100 years ago. It is again time.

  5. KSJW says:

    While we’re on the topic of constitutional crises, are we going to see an article about where all the PA Reps stand on Syria? I don’t particularly care about what Tom Wolf ate for breakfast or where Brad Koplinski’s time share is located.

  6. “President Obama has largely abandoned the interests of the nation’s founders.”

    …. um, yeah, like owning slaves..

    … while the GOP supports companies paying slave wages.

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