Reschenthaler, Saccone Take Shots in PA-14 Primary

The Republican primary in the 14th Congressional district is off and running with state Sen. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny) and state Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) trying to brand each other’s campaign. 

In an interview with KDKA Reschenthaler went after Saccone for his loss in the special election in the 18th Congressional district.  

“He embarrassed everyone in southwestern Pennsylvania with the last campaign,” Reschenthaler told KDKA

“He not only lost. We squandered $11 million, and the Democrats have turned the tide on Republicans. This loss had national ramifications, and it all started with the debacle that was this last election.”  

Reschenthaler rehashed some attacks used against Saccone in the special election, including his use of per diems in Harrisburg.  

“I’m a conservative, I’m an Iraq war vet, and I’m a new voice for Washington.  My opponent is none of those things. I’m a leader. He’s a career politician. I refuse to take per diems. He’s taken over $400,000 worth of per diems. The distinctions are clear. I’m the way ahead. He is not.” he said.  

Saccone told the Tribune Review that Saccone is buying into a “false narrative” created by Lamb.  Ahead of the special election, national Republicans criticized Saccone’s campaign including his fundraising efforts.  

“I’m real disappointed that he’s decided to go negative so early.  I’ve always run a positive campaign and I will continue to do so. I think it’s clear from that interview he fancies himself,” Saccone said in response to Reschenthaler’s comments.

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18 thoughts on “Reschenthaler, Saccone Take Shots in PA-14 Primary”

  1. Bakrey Zissell says:

    Done, where do I sign up?

    1. Zakrey Bissell says:

      What are you talking about?

      1. Bakrey Zissell says:

        shut up

        1. Zakrey Bissell says:

          That guy has nice teeths

  2. Bakrey Zissell says:

    as will the may’s primary for congressional district 14 be supporting Rick “Big Dick” Saccone for the November’s general election president Donald trump well.

  3. bobguzzardi says:

    Rick Saccone is authentic conservative. Reschenthaler-Ward are part of the Pennsylvania Scarnati-Corman-Turzai-Reed-DiGiorgio Establishment of incompetent opportunistic cronies and lobbyists.
    Those who like an elegant con-man to authentic grassroots candidate will choose Reschenthaler – Ward and Pennsylvania will continue its decline.
    I am a Florida resident and what an improvement. Lower taxes and better services. Not just the weather.

    1. Gibgua says:

      Hope you’re enjoying Little Marco Rubio and all the whacko FLA republicans.

    2. The_New_Liberal_Lion says:

      Rick Saccone is an authentic religious wacko. Stay in Florida so that the next major hurricane can sweep you out to sea.

  4. Zakrey Bissell says:

    will president Donald trump be supporting Rick Saccone for the November’s general election and the may’s primary for congressional District 14 as well.

    1. Dilbert Pickles says:

      Is this the real Zakrey Bissell or an imposter. Asking for a friend.

      1. Bakrey Zissell says:

        Dilbert, never fear, the real Bakrey Zissell is here!!

    2. Zakrey Bissell says:

      I will be supporting me for the may’s primary for congressional District 14 as well.

  5. Lila James says:

    Donald Trump has indeed destroyed the Party of Reagan.

  6. Frank says:

    Same crap, different pile

  7. Not Kim Ward says:

    After Guy destroys Saccone by 30 points, he won’t be able to run for dog catcher.

    1. kim Ward says:

      This is Kim Ward. I just clicked on the story link and i see someone posting as Not Kim Ward. hahahahahahaha. That’s funny stuff.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Kim, you let the national party down with your pettiness. Shame on you

        1. Not the fake Kim Ward says:

          Bite me!

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