Wagner Calls for 67 Debates, Wolf Calls it a “Political Gimmick”

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner called for a debate in each of the states 67 counties, a move Governor Tom Wolf’s campaign called a “political gimmick.”

Wagner’s proposal is for townhall style debates with the candidates answering questions from the audience.  

“It’s time for Pennsylvanians to have a gubernatorial campaign that focuses on them for a change. They deserve candidates who are not afraid to provide direct and personalized answers on their plans for the future of the commonwealth,” Wagner said in a release.  

Wolf’s campaign responded pointing to criticism Wagner received during the Republican primary for not participating in debates.  

“This is nothing but a political gimmick from a Harrisburg politician who is unhinged from the reality of Pennsylvanians, and who routinely ducked the very debates he’s now championing during the Republican primary,” Wolf’s campaign spokeswoman Beth Melena told the Morning Call.  

Wagner’s campaign said that understand the criticism but pointed to the dozen debates and forums he participated in during the primary to the Morning Call.

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15 thoughts on “Wagner Calls for 67 Debates, Wolf Calls it a “Political Gimmick””

  1. Porter Randolph says:

    Wouldn’t one in each of the 5 or 6 TV markets be enough? Why pick a number so far from reality? Never mind, I just answered my own question.

  2. Joe from Bloomsburg says:

    Excellent idea! Am really liking Wagner more thus far! Hope I can vote for at least one Republican …. as Barletta is toxic with his nonsense and Trump foolishness (just as committed self proclaimed socialist Fettwrman is!)

    Wolf is just the epitome of mediocrity and substandard performance. And being tied to Fetterman will hurt!

  3. Scoop says:

    Does @WagnersChopper have the gas to shuttle everyone to these far flung counties?

  4. Sam Ginsburg says:

    Sounds like something his over priced slim suit wearing consultant Zamboney came up with. Give it up Wag you can’t even put a full sentence together and you want to have 3 debates a week. Wolf is going to destroy you and we will finally be done with you.

  5. David Diano says:

    Can Wagner even count to 67?

    I doubt he can count to 21 unless he’s naked.

    1. Porter Randolph says:

      Maybe 20.5

  6. Jimbo says:

    This was a terrible idea from the Wagner camp… nice try. Just chill for a few minutes and raise some money.

  7. Philly Progressive says:

    Of course Wolf says no. He doesn’t want to do it and he doesn’t want Fetterman to do it for him either. He’s trying to stay as far away from Fetterman and Fetterman’s baggage as possible.

  8. BucksVoter says:

    Is that the best Wagner’s campaign can come up with? Wolf wins by 10% in November.

  9. eagleswing says:

    maybe people in red counties cannot read, so they actually need tv-like talking head entertainment. of course , they can just watch the political ads on TV. i also recommend dr. phil.

  10. PacMan says:

    There are as of today 160 days until the November general election. If this were to happen, they would have to do at least 3-4 debates PER WEEK starting next week, and that doesn’t even count the time necessary to book venues, agree on debate terms, organize events, recruit attendees/moderators, and much much more! Much like practically his entire policy platform, Wagner’s proposals ain’t much based in reality. And don’t you think after a handful of these, both candidates are just going to sound like wind-up dolls thanks to the pre-packaged answers they’ll have to rehearse for weeks because of limited prep time?!?! Quite obvious they didn’t think this through.

    Wagner team, if you’re going to attempt gimmicks like this to try and accuse the incumbent of ducking the people (ain’t the first time it’s occurred in politics, won’t be the last, and is completely fair when done right), at least make it APPEAR feasible!!! What campaign staff incompetence!

    1. Anybody But Stack says:

      Yes, and throw in the fact that the great majority of these counties are red and his supporters are rabid, so they would turn out to beat up the Gov like the good Trumpers they are.

    2. Same old same old says:

      All good points! This is how sad this Gov’s race has gotten. It’s now reached the low point of a world federation wrestling match (no disrespect to wrestling as I was always a big fan but we expect more out of government). It’s about gimmicks and insider moves that the average voter could care less about. Sure it’s big stuff with the rabid politicos on this board or reading this stuff but does anyone really think that the voter who is out there busting their buns daily gives a hoot in Harrisburg if Scott Wagner and Gov Wolf debate 67 times??? This ploy is so insider it reeks of it’s own detachment and disconnect from the everyday concerns folks face. This is swiftly unfolding as a replay of past Pa Gov race debacles.

  11. The Skeptic says:

    Those nine people in Forest County sure are excited to hear about this.

  12. Tess says:

    I’d prefer they did the jobs they were elected to do rather than run around the state for 67 debates. Isn’t a budget due next month?

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