WaPo: Corbett Still Most Vulnerable Guv

Tom CorbettFor the seventh month in a row, Pennsylvania sits atop the Washington Post’s list of states most likely to see a party change in the Governor’s mansion.

The D.C. paper of record cites recent polling which continues to show Tom Corbett in negative territory.

Here are the top 5 states.

1. Pennsylvania (R)
2. Maine (R)
3. Florida (R)
4. Arkansas (D)
5. Illinois (D)

Here is the full writeup:

1. Pennsylvania (R): Gov. Tom Corbett (R) is still the most vulnerable governor in America. A Franklin and Marshall College poll out this week showed only 23 percent of voters said Corbett has performed well enough to deserve a second term. But the most interesting developments in this race have been on the Democratic side, where Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D) cut ties with moderate groups in an apparent effort to protect her left flank, well-funded former state revenue secretary Tom Wolf and former Rendell administration official Katie McGinty hit the airwaves (McGinty’s buy was small), and Treasurer Rob McCord landed a union endorsement. A costly and competitive Democratic race no doubt helps Corbett, but it probably would not be enough on its own to save him. (Previous ranking: 1)

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8 thoughts on “WaPo: Corbett Still Most Vulnerable Guv”

  1. PAINDY1 says:

    The signs of the flawed political marriage between UPMC’s world class Jeff Romoff and Tom Corbett’s failed administration continue to show. This editorial appeared this morning in the Trib Review. The author is a former employee of the New Hampshire Republican party. Crossroads places this groups ads, Karl Rove’s group. So UPMC, and the Bakers have out-sourced the hit job on Highmark and courageous Republican legislators like Jimmy Christiana to high-priced Washington hitmen, who unlike Jeff Romoff’s Cancer Center are truly world class. Mr. Damaura, do you approve of the funds that Doug Romoff extracted from the UPMC system from his huge advertising contract? Do you think “non-profits” like UPMC should have good board goveranance or should their CEOS have total carte blanche while they attempt to apply a Nazi-like stranglehold over their employees and their region? http://trib.me/LthiSK
    As a Pennsylvania resident and the president of Americans for Job Security, I am dismayed that lawmakers in our state are choosing big-government policies over

  2. PAINDY1 says:

    Sit back boys and girls: This will be one very nasty election, that will not make you proud to be a Pennsylvanian (our acting Governor is from Virginia)! If you think Acting Governor Brabender is going to be running ads of the Corbetts and their two dogs with a “promises kept” tag-line then you are very naive. This election is going to be all about Tom Corbett protecting the WHITE FOLK from Philly Welfare Queens and their first Black President. The Campaign of Acting Governor Brabender will so poison the well for Republicans in the growing SEPA area that it will be hard to have a GOP candidate win state-wide again unless turnout is extremely depressed. So why not go with Bob Guzzardi who will at least run a dignified campaign based upon real policy issues?

  3. Jim Brown-
    Bob is a far-right nutcase who makes Santorum look like Elizabeth Warren. PA rejected Santorum by a HUGE margin. Corbett/Cawley got unanimous PA GOP endorsement at state committee. Bob didn’t get any votes.

    But, beyond Bob being a nutcase, he’s all talk. He’s not running for office. Anyone serious enough to back a GOP opponent to Corbett knows that Bob is just a windbag not worth wasting time supporting.

    Bob is the kind of conservative Dems wish we could run against.

  4. Me says:

    I hate that Pennsylvania is a conservative state… I think Jim is unfortunately right.

  5. Jim Brown says:

    To me it looks like Bob Guzzardi would be a much stronger candidate for the Republicans. He doesn’t come with all the baggage. PA really is a conservative state but the Republican party let them down in the past. Bob is the conservative PA is looking for.

  6. Flow says:

    I’d like to thank PAINDY1 for at least using that moniker when he posts, that way I know which comments to skip over entirely.

  7. PAINDY1 says:

    PA’s Great truth teller, Signor Ferrari of casablancapa.com posted again Corbett receiving gifts on the Eve of the Super Bowl. Maybe someone from the Harrisburg press Corps can put on their big boy pants and ask MR. Jay Pagni about Signor Ferrari’s allegations:
    The US Department of Justice recently indicted former Governor Bob O’Donnell in Virginia for accepting gifts from a businessman in exchange for favors (Associated Press 1/21/2014). Now, it is hard at work in New Jersey investigating Governor Chris Christie’s involvement in the lane closures onto the George Washington Bridge and real estate developments in Hoboken.

    When will one of the US Attorneys in Pennsylvania begin an investigation of Governor Tom Corbett’s relationship with fracking waste hauler John Moran?

    There were gifts exchanged in return for very exclusive access for Moran and favors to his business. That certainly rises to the level of graft outlined by the O’Donnell indictment. And, we’re talking about toxic fracking waste from the shale gas extraction industry. That has to be as important an issue as tying up traffic headed onto the George Washington Bridge for a few days.

    Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Will Bunch has done a fantastic job showing how within the span of a few months, Corbett received vacations and other gifts from Moran in exchange for a blind eye from the Corbett administration’s Department of Environmental Protection. (Inquirer 1/16/13) In short, Corbett decided to allow millions of gallons of fracking waste to roll through dozens of Pennsylvania cities and counties in exchange for helicopter rides and a free vacation (State Impact 1/20/12)

    Oh, Corbett tried to hide the gifts from the public, too. (Inquirer 1/20/12)

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