Wolf Threatens Unilateral Action on Budget if Compromise Solution is Not Passed

Harrisburg-Capitol-steps2Governor Tom Wolf announced today that he will take unilateral action with Pennsylvania’s finances unless the House held a vote on his proposed severance tax.  

“I’ve had enough of the games.  House Republicans again failed to deliver on a budget agreement. Over the past several months, I have been flexible and patient as they have repeatedly failed to agree amongst themselves on how to approach the budget,” Wolf said in a statement.  

If a revenue package is not passed to the Governor’s desk, Wolf said he would securitize the profits of the state’s liquor system raising $1.23 billion to pay off the deficit from last year and help fill the gap in the current fiscal year.  

Wolf’s comments come after a discharge motion vote to move the severance tax proposal out of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.  The vote failed 115-83.  The previously proposed hotel tax was met with strong opposition by House members and was not brought up for a vote.

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5 thoughts on “Wolf Threatens Unilateral Action on Budget if Compromise Solution is Not Passed”

  1. Dan Sauder says:

    The Pennsylvania House GOP is nothing but obstructionists. I really hope Gov. Wolf takes them to task! Something has got to give.

  2. vince phillips says:

    I watched the press conference on PCN. It looked more like he was going to use future liquor money, not just a threat.

  3. Hillary C says:

    Please increase my state income tax, sales tax…tax my food and clothes too…we need more teachers…

    1. Thank A Teacher says:

      Stop crapping on teachers; it’s disgusting. Educating our young people is an investment in the future. At some point someone paid for YOU to learn how to read and write (apparently.) If you make a living and earn enough money to pay taxes you should be thankful — to the teachers who taught you what you need to know in order to make that living!

      1. Hillary C says:

        Most teachers are useless crap…private school or me loser…so you also take credit for the 48% of people who can’t support themselves…

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