Barletta campaign to suspend campaign in observance of Sept. 11

Hazleton, PA – The congressional campaign of Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta announced that it will suspend campaign activity on Saturday, Sept. 11.

Mayor Barletta issued the following statement:

“I have asked my campaign staff to suspend all advertising, phone calls, and volunteer activity on September 11.
“This is a solemn day for America and the world. It should be treated accordingly. I hope all politicians would understand that and do the same.”

Will Paul Kanjorski continue his
negative campaign on Sept. 11?

Shawn Kelly, spokesman for the Barletta campaign, added, “Will Paul Kanjorski do the right thing and suspend his negative ads on September 11, or will he continue to lie to the voters about Lou Barletta all day long? We challenge Kanjorski to do the right thing and put his attack dogs back on the leash for the day in observance of one of the darkest moments in American history.”

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