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BREAKING: Report: Kane to Be Charged

KaneAttorney General Kathleen Kane will be charged for leaking grand jury information.

That is the report from Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review.

“Attorney General Kathleen Kane is expected to be charged criminally as soon as Thursday in connection with an investigation that began last year with a statewide grand jury, sources told the Tribune-Review,” Bumsted writes.

Kane’s spokesman and lawyer have not confirmed that she will be charged.

“I have no way of knowing what the Montgomery County district attorney plans to do, or when she plans to do it,” Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo stated.

“At this point I can’t confirm anything,” New York City lawyer Gerald Shargel told Bumsted. Shargel has represented Kane since she testified before the grand jury in November. “We continue to maintain she is innocent of any wrongdoing and she has no plans to resign her office.”

Last year, a grand jury recommended charges of perjury, criminal contempt, obstruction of justice and official oppression be issued against the Attorney General.

Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman is tasked with deciding whether to act on those recommendations.

This case stems from a June Daily News article that suggested Frank Fina fumbled a case involving a Philly civil rights leader.

A full timeline of Kane’s case is can be accessed here.

63 Responses

  1. She is only being charged and now the real facts will be evaluated, it does not mean she is guilty. As a side note, like this hasn’t been done before, it has just been overlooked. Doesn’t make it right but definitely hypocritical by politicians who have ulterior motives.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t part of a deal between Josh Shapiro, Marcel Groen and Risa Furman to pave the way for Shapiro to become AG and Furman to become judge.

    Shapiro can’t look like he is running for higher office while simultaneously running for his county commissioner seat (without him Montco Dems have trouble holding onto the courthouse).

  3. By virtue of her recent promotion, Under Armour girl is no longer in the union.


    Adios, amiga.

  4. David Diano,
    No, he’s referring to the lengthy and legally released presentment. Keep grasping at straws. Why the Kane apologists can’t understand that what she did was wrong is amazing.

  5. I believe that we now can add Lance to the screen names that Busta aka Platinum aka Copper aka Robert uses. OK, Lance…

  6. You idiots sure do talk about Busta a lot. If I remember correctly, he/she wanted Kane arrested so he can watch the trial. What am I missing?

  7. What Oliver Stone said.

    Ever since the grand jury indictment, Kane apologists and amateur lawyers alike have taken to this website to lecture us on how any prosecutor could get a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich.”

    Fair enough. Her being indicted was not in and of itself conclusive. But guess what? Anyone with half a brain who read the SUBSTANCE contained within that grand jury presentment (i.e., the overwhelming evidence against Bozo the Attorney General) immediately saw this for what it was.



  9. The fact is frank fina is a peice of shit but KK is way out of her league and needs to go back to Scranton

  10. That’s 5 count em 5 DEMOCROOKS within a year. 2 in the last 2 weeks anybody see a pattern here. Somebody is gonna need some bail money. And I need to make a hot KK. Jail flick.

  11. Jessica&Bungy,
    I don’t know. If they are a KK and JD groupie then they don’t know anything about criminal procedure and the crimes code. Although that wouldn’t prevent JD from promoting them to newly created positions at high salaries.

  12. I gotta disagree with you guys. I don’t think Busta is related to Bonsgate. I think he’s a KK sycophant thru and thru.

  13. Driver, like I told all a year ago, Bustaperv is probably related to one of the bonusgate convicted felons. Most likely Brett. That is why He or She hates Fina so much.

  14. Jessica,

    CE needs to go below the Mason Dixon line. His old department may need him.

  15. Larry,
    I’m convinced that BustaPerv (aka Platinum) is a spouse or an actual defendant of one of the BonusGate defendants. The visceral hatred of Fina can’t be explained any other way.

  16. Busta Perv is still claiming that all of the people who fled the AG’s Office were Republican moles that were run off by righteous Kane. Anyone with a third grade reading level and a reasonable familiarity with Harrisburg would know that they were Democratic stalwarts specifically hired by Kane. They saw this coming.

  17. Jessica,
    I’m shocked. Who would follow someone? Yet, perhaps JD and his female acolytes who follow him are awaiting another last minute promotion to positions that none are remotely qualified for.

    What’s next for the Under Armour girl? First Deputy?

  18. Busta — come out come out wherever you are. Or maybe you are DP. And your email today saying you’re out of commission until Wednesday is why you’re not commenting here today.

  19. Kane’s driver —

    We are reading from the same sheet of music.

    Too much e-mail snooping.

  20. Democrats still thrilled they let the Clintons take over the Dem AG Primary in 2012? Good one, guys.

    Risa Ferman wouldn’t arrest a sitting Attorney General in less her case was a slam dunk.

  21. You guys do realize it is standard practice after a Grand Jury issues its presentment to the prosecutor for the prosecutor to call the defense attorney and tell him or her “We’re charging your client with X, Y and Z and would like to arrange the arraignment”

    The alternative is nabbing the Attorney General on her ride to work and taking her away in cuffs.

    But I do enjoy reading your conspiracy theories about “leaks”. Poor Dems. At least you have one statewide officer who hasn’t had to resign for corruption — yet.

  22. Hey Jessica,
    Do you a a good driver that may need a job soon? I’m hearing one from Dunmore may come available.

  23. Paging Busta Perv

    This popcorn tastes good.

    What about the other two sycophants who are getting charged too?

  24. Wah…wah…someone else is leaking…wah…wah…see that excuses what Kathleen Kane did…wah…wah…

  25. So, another Leak? This time from Risa Vetri? The people going after Kane seem to have absolutely NO qualms about doing leaks themselves.

  26. The Kane Apologists List of Conspirators:
    1. Frank Fina
    2. Old Republican Men
    3. Ronald Castille
    4. Philly Inky Reporters
    5. Brad Busmtead
    6. Jealous holdovers from prior AG’s
    7. and Now Bob Asher.

    No where does anyone blame Kane for her own troubles.

  27. Kane is The Best AG This Commonwealth Ever Had ! I smell Convicted Felon Bob ( Candy Man ) Asher behind these charges . Felon Asher could not Beat Kane at the Polls so now he is going to try to take out Kane by a trumped up Court Action . Felon Asher I bet told Furman to File these Charges . Furman just lost he Election for Judge as Montgomery County is now a Solid Democratic County and Democrats dont Like Republican Dirty Tricks to take someone out of office .

  28. Like the article says:

    “Ferman is a Republican running for judge in November.”

  29. Kane is a disgrace to the Commonwealth.

    Kane is a disgrace to the legal profession.

    Kane is a disgrace to the Office of Attorney General.

    Kane is a disgrace to women.

    Kane is a disgrace to her family.

  30. Marie,
    I have a serious question. You wanted Kane to “charge everyone with porn on their computers.” What exactly did you want Kane to charge those people with? Or are you the poster known as Platinum that thinks that looking at porn is illegal?

    Again, try paying attention. All the wounds against Kane are clearly self inflicted. Those that testified against her were her own appointees. Not those mean old Republican men.

    Kane’s a disgrace who embarrassed not only herself but her family, staff, and those that have supported her. Good riddance.

  31. And this politics-soaked trumped up case is what Risa Vetri Ferman wants Montco voters to remember her by as she runs for judge? I, for one, cannot wait to vote for anyone but her.

  32. Who leaked this news? This is sad and not a laughing matter. The Attorney General’s only mistake was keeping the Republicans on and not charging everyone with porn on their computers.

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