Business Executive and Veteran Looks to Challenge Costello

Chrissy HoulihanDemocrat Chrissy Houlahan announced she is joining the race to challenge Congressman Ryan Costello (R-Chester) in 2018.  

“My service did not stop when I left the Armed Forces, and that is why today I announce that I am running to represent the voters of Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District,” Houlahan said in a release announcing her candidacy.

Houlahan has an engineering degree from Stanford University and a master’s degree in technology and policy from MIT.  She joined the Air Force as an officer, and moved to the private sector after leaving the Air Force.  

Houlahan has served as COO for several for profit companies and other non-profit organizations.  Most recently she was the President and COO/CFO for Springboard Collaborative a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that worked towards improving early childhood literacy in inner city schools across the country.  

The sense from national Democrats is that Houlahan will be their candidate, especially with her resume as a female veteran and business executive.  Houlahan joins two other Democrat veterans to challenge incumbent Republicans in 2018.  

Houlahan lives in Devon with her husband Bart.  

Clinton won the 6th district by 0.6 percent, but Costello defeated Democrat Michael Parrish by 16 points in 2016.  

“Congressman Costello remains focused on working hard for his constituents. He welcomes and applauds anyone who enters into the democratic process,” Vincent Galko, a Senior Adviser to Costello’s campaign said in an email.

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62 thoughts on “Business Executive and Veteran Looks to Challenge Costello”

  1. JoAnna Stump says:

    I just had the pleasure of meeting Chrissy Houlahan at the People’s Climate March in West Chester, Sat. April 29. I invited her back to my home after the march for water and a break. We spoke at length and candidly for over an hour. I was impressed with her genuine nature and passion for service. I look forward to supporting her in next year’s election. Pennsylvania needs candidates who care about the community at large and are not self-serving. Chrissy is just that candidate.

  2. G. Hopps says:

    If the mother is anything like the daughters, look out. Such spoiled brats hiding behind a total sham. The people won’t be fooled!

  3. Crimson Cred says:

    Somebody should ask Chrissy about the Otero days…

  4. Denny Lykstra says:

    Chrissy, oh Chrissy. You sound so great on paper. But when you start talking, the voters will start walking. We all won’t be quiet.

  5. Philly Damsel says:

    Everyone knows that her husband is a scumbag. It will be interesting to see if she pretends to be a strong independent woman, but still sticks by him. The more that women in the public eye try to pull that kind of BS, the worse off it is for our gender in general. I want to vote for a woman in the next election, but not one that has a loser for a husband.

  6. EElliott says:

    Looks promising!

  7. D Rammon says:

    Impressive resume, good luck in 2018!

  8. Elizabeth Lewis says:

    Looking forward to supporting Ms Houlihan. There are people across Pennsylvania who are dedicated to restoring the Democratic leadership in Congress and in Washington DC. One race at a time! Go Chrissy.

  9. Anna Sicalides says:

    How refreshing! Looking forward to a great 2018!

  10. Randy Newnham says:

    Time to get that COWARD Costello OUT of there! I will never forgive him for what he did last summer: he was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE as Republican delegate to the party convention. But saw that Trump was controversial…so he RESIGNED, rather than express any opinion on Trump! Same has his YELLOW BELLIED response to the attempt to repeal Obamacare…he waffled on it for weeks, then AFTER it was withdrawn said “um, I wouldn’t have voted for it.” When his opinion made no difference. I’m sure he would have voted for it if they needed his vote. We need someone who STANDS UP FOR THE PEOPLE in this seat!

  11. Beth pledger says:

    Best wishes, looking forward to a post-Costello era.

  12. Lisa DeAngelis says:

    Thank you for running, Chrissy Houlahan! I am so glad to see someone of your caliber running for office.

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