Corbett Appoints Another Top Donor to Cabinet

Corbett Appoints Another Top Donor to Cabinet

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Tom Corbett nominated another top donor to a Cabinet position by picking Sheri Phillips to run the Department of General Services. Phillips has given $14,650 to Corbett making her the latest high dollar donor appointed to Corbett’s Cabinet. C. Alan Walker, the nominee for Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development, donated over $112,000 to Corbett. Last month, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that members of Corbett’s transition team and their employers gave almost $5 million to Corbett’s campaign, or 19 percent of his total contributions. 

“Tom Corbett is continuing his disturbing pattern of rewarding campaign donors with access and top jobs in his administration,” said Mark Nicastre, a spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Tom Corbett has shown over and over that he puts his donors above average Pennsylvanians.”

Corbett Names General Services Secretary. (Capitol Ideas) There’s A Pair Of New Appointments from the Corbett Transition this afternoon. Sheri Phillips, 49, of Harrisburg, has been tapped to run the Department of General Services. She’s served as the Director of Management Services in the AG’s office since 2005, running human resources, IT and office services.

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