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Corbett on AFL-CIO’s List for 2014

Tom Corbett portrait loresGovernor Tom Corbett received some unwelcome, if not exactly unexpected, news today. His re-election defeat has been identified as one of the top goals of the nation’s preeminent labor group, the AFL-CIO.

It’s certainly not a surprise that the AFL-CIO would oppose Corbett’s re-election as the organization generally supports Democratic candidates and endorsed the Governor’s opponent in 2010.

The more serious problem for Corbett is that, according to a recent story by Politico, the labor group is focusing most of it’s infrastructure on the gubernatorial elections in the next midterm and they identified Corbett as one of six GOP governors who are at the top of their list.

The switch in focus is, according to AFL-CIO Political Director John Michael Podhorzer, in response to the fact that the Senate and House will likely be decided by races in red states where labor’s influence is less strong.

There are on much favorable ground, however, in the gubernatorial elections. In addition to Corbett, Podhorzer stated they will be challenging the re-election campaigns of Rick Scott of Florida, Rick Snyder of Michigan, Paul LePage of Maine, John Kasich of Ohio, and of course Scott Walker of Wisconsin. What do all those states have in common? They all voted for President Obama in 2012 and 2008.

The Pennsylvania state AFL-CIO represents 900,000 workers and they have over 1,400 local chapters spread out across every one of the state’s 67 counties.

While labor’s increased focus in no way dooms the governor, it does add another obstacle to overcome in order to stay in Harrisburg for another four years.

7 Responses

  1. Not really a big deal to deafeat Corbett. The AFL-CIO could do nothing and Corbett will still lose considering his approval rating is under 30% and most of the Republican party refuses to support him.

  2. The PA GOP is anti-gay, anti-worker, and anti-immigrant. Their anti voting rights and anti worker’s rights platform may play well to their base in a blue state, but chickens will come home to roost in 2014. EAT IT.

  3. good point KingofSpades

    Unions are so good for workers that the government has to force workers to join them and then to forcibly collect dues from workers to pay unions to get services workers may not want or need or are unwilling to pay for. oh well…worker freedom is wonderful

  4. Unions Rented Republican Tom Corbett and will buy the next governor of Pennsylvania.
    Tom Ferrick points out that Ed Coryell, Sr. and Philadelphia’s Carpenters’ Union contributed $250,000 to Tom Corbett when he was perceived as a winner. No the AFL-CIO is opposing him because AFL-CIO perceives him to be a loser proving unions rent Republicans but buy Democrats.

  5. Can anyone remind me why these guys are allowed to continue to operate tax-free under the guise of being “politically neutral”?
    Or why the PA government helps collect dues for groups like this?
    Seems like always having the deck stacked in their favor, in my mind.

  6. Come on Labor Friends: We’ve been down this road before. The PAGOP and Corbett campaign will all be about scaring the white folk that only TEAPARTY TOM and Rob Gleason, the PAGOP’s number one Race Hustler will protect them from the evil black socialist. Unless your willing to face these latent racist tactics head on, you will be in trouble. Time to turn up the heat on African-American voter turnout in Philly to record levels. There is no hope or opportunity left in the PAGOP, only FEAR!

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