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EXTREMISM WATCH: Does Sestak Agree with his Extreme Allies?

EXTREMISM WATCH: Does Sestak Agree with his Extreme Allies?
Pittsburgh – Time and again, Congressman Sestak has refused to answer questions about his alliance with the extreme left.  It is time for Congressman Sestak to answer the many questions surrounding his extreme positions and his alliance with the far-left liberal groups that have funded his campaign. 

1) MoveOn.Org: Over this election, Congressman Sestak has been endorsed by and taken over $300,000 from MoveOn.Org, a far-left group with a history of controversial positions and statements (OpenSecrets.Com).  In addition, MoveOn.Org is slated to run television commercials on Congressman Sestak’s behalf.  Does Congressman Sestak agree with MoveOn.Org’s positions:
In 2007, the group bought an offensive and controversial newspaper ad accusing General Petraeus of “cooking the books for the White House,” and calling the General “General Betray Us.” 
In 2004, MoveOn.Org was criticized by the Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish groups when a member-submitted ad drawing parallels between President Bush and Adolf Hitler was posted as part of an online MoveOn-sponsored contest. (Anti-Defamation League, “Hitler Ad Should Never Have Appeared on MoveOn.Org, 11/05/04) (Fox News, “Ad Comparing Bush to Hitler Gets Heat, 01/06/04)
In 2006, MoveOn.Org’s “Action Forum,” was a cesspool of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments. (New York Post, “Hateful Move vs. Joe – Site’s Anti-Jewish Slurs,” 09/05/06)
MoveOn.Org has a history of airing inaccurate and inflammatory ads that have been denounced by fact checkers and rejected by television stations.  (FactCheck.Org, “ Social Security Ad, 02/01/05) (FactCheck.Org, “Controversial $1.3 Million Ad Campaign Attacks Four Republicans for Stance on Price-Gouging Legislation,” 04/06/06) (AP, “Cable Network Pulls Ad,” 06/08/06) (South Bend Tribune, “WSBT-TV Pulls Ad Slamming Chocola,” 06/09/05)
Liberal activist George Soros has donated $5 million to MoveOn.Org. (Capital Research Center, “George Soros’ Political Philanthropy”)
2) Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): Congressman Sestak spoke at a CAIR fundraiser in 2007 and praised the group for its “good work” (Politico, 03/19/07).  He has also taken $2,000 from CAIR officers.  Does he agree with CAIR’s extreme positions:
The founder and executive director of CAIR, Nihad Awad, has declared: “After I researched the situation inside Palestine and outside, I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO” (The Investigative Project on Terrorism).

The founder and executive director of CAIR, Nihad Awad, has declared: “We are not shy to support the Palestinian resistance against occupation.  It is a legitimate God-given right.  This is what happened in Palestine and Palestinians are using legitimate means of resistance” (Fox News, 03/14/07).

CAIR has refused to label Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations and several employees and board members have been arrested, convicted, deported, or linked in some fashion to terrorism related activities (The Jewish Exponent, 03/15/07).
3) Hollywood Bigwig Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein hosted a Wall Street fundraiser for Congressman Sestak on September 26, 2010.  Harvey Weinstein is a mainstay of the far-left movement and a key backer of Michael Moore’s liberal propaganda films.  Weinstein’s latest crusade has been the release of child-rapist Roman Polanski.  
4) George Soros: In addition to funding many of the groups that have backed Congressman Sestak, Soros also sent in a $2,000 check to Sestak this spring.  Over Sestak’s congressional career, Soros has given him $4,000 (OpenSecrets.Org). 
5) 9/11 Truth Activist Elizabeth Metz: Congressman Sestak has received $5,150 from 9/11 truth activist Elizabeth Metz and her family.  Metz was profiled in an ABC News Nightline story as the organizer of a 9/11 Truth Conference that took place at the Valley Forge Convention Center, in which she argued that the United States government is covering up the true perpetrators of the 9/11 tragedy (ABC News, 03/08/10).  Metz also described herself as a “9/11 Truth Activist” on her contribution to Congressman Sestak’s campaign (FEC.Gov).
“Congressman Sestak talks about accountability nonstop, but the only person he refuses to hold accountable is himself,” Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik said.  “It is time for Congressman Sestak to come forward and reject the anti-Semitic and offensive views of his many supporters, as well as their contributions.  Until he does that, he should spend less time pointing fingers, and more time looking in the mirror.”

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