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FACTCHECK: Corbett Attack Ad Misleading

FACTCHECK: Corbett Attack Ad Misleading

Harrisburg, PA – Tom Corbett launched an attack ad that blames Dan Onorato for Republican Dan Roddy’s tunnel. Roddy is one of Corbett’s staunchest supporters. WTAE has found Tom Corbett’s latest attack ad to be misleading while Pete DeCoursey with Capitol Wire has called on Corbett to pull the ad, writing “He should pull this misleading ad, in favor of the ones that hew to the facts.”

“With the polls tightening, Tom Corbett has launched a desperate attack ad that tries to pin blame on Dan Onorato for Republican Dan Roddy’s tunnel. Roddy is one of Corbett’s most staunch allies,” said Mark Nicastre a spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Independent news organizations are calling the ad misleading and pointing out that Corbett’s friend is really at fault for the ‘T.’ Tom Corbett should spend less time attacking Dan Onorato for Corbett’s supporters’ mistakes and more time explaining why he wants to hit the people of Pennsylvania with a $3 billion tax.”

Capital Wire: Pull the Ad

The fact is that it is Roddey’s tunnel. He, not Onorato, was the one who boasted about getting President George W. Bush, Specter and Santorum to fund it.

In this case, he has taken the folly of Jim Roddey, one of his closest allies and friends, and pretended it was Onorato’s. And he did so to mislead voters as that race tightens.

Corbett should know better and, if he wants voters to believe he deserves to be governor, behave better.

He should pull this misleading ad, in favor of the ones that hew to the facts.

[Peter DeCoursey, Capitolwire, 10/20/10]

WTAE: Ad is Misleading

Reporter: Alright, tonight as part of our Commitment 2010 coverage for you, we are
checking the facts in an ad that focuses on an hot button issue. It is the latest spot by
republican candidate for governor, Tom Corbett. Team 4′ s Paul Van Osdol has this ad-

Paul Van Osdol: Corbett’ s ad blasts democrat Dan Onorato for mismanaging the North
Shore Connector: the half-billion dollar project carrying the ” T” under the Allegheny

From Corbett Ad: Onorato’ s tunnel to nowhere is now 138 million over budget.

Paul Van Osdol: Misleading. Yes, the tunnel is $138 million over budget, but it is
misleading to call it ” Onorato’ s Tunnel,” as the ad does repeatedly.

From Corbett Ad: Even Rendell call ” Onorato’ s Tunnel” a mistake.

Paul van Osdol: But the so-called ” Onorato Tunnel” was first proposed in 1999 by
the republican-controlled County Commission. In 2000, then-County Executive Jim
Roddey – a republican and major Tom Corbett supporter – strongly endorsed the tunnel
project, calling it ” very important for our economic development.” From 2000 to 2004,
republican Senators Rick Santorum and Arlen Specter secured federal money for the
tunnel. In 2004, five years after the project started, Onorato took office as County

From Corbett Ad: How badly has Onorato mismanaged the North Shore Connector

Paul van Osdol: Misleading. Onorato does not directly manage the Connector project –
the Port Authority does. Onorato does appoint the Authority’ s board members, but they –
not he – are responsible for overseeing the tunnel project. Onorato has said he did not try
to cut off funding for the tunnel project because the county would have lost millions of
dollars in federal funds. Paul van Osdol, Channel 4 Action News.

[WTAE, 10/19/10]

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