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Irresponsibility Reigns in Washington As Murphy Refuses to Stop Obama Tax Hike

Irresponsibility Reigns in Washington As Murphy Refuses to Stop Obama Tax Hike

With One Week Until Congress Adjourns, Vulnerable Dems Still Silent on Devastating Tax Increases
Washington- Congress is scheduled to adjourn at the end of this week, yet House Democrats like Patrick Murphy have refused to stand up for middle-class families and small businesses facing the looming Obama tax hike. While the country continues to suffer under the consequences of the Democrats’ failed economic agenda and Americans are still asking “where are the jobs?,” Murphy has done nothing to spare the American people from this devastating tax increase set to take effect on January 1,  2011. Vulnerable Democrats like Murphy who refuse to make American families and small businesses their priority over their hopes for re-election can add the Obama tax hike to the lengthy record of job-killing policies they will be forced to defend before Election Day.

“Patrick Murphy has done nothing but add to the uncertainty middle-class families and small businesses are facing in this struggling economy,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “The longer Democrats fail to make the American people their priority and address the issue of the tax increases, the more uncertainty will continue to grow, further stunting job growth in America. If vulnerable Democrats like Murphy skip town without an up-or-down vote to stop the Obama tax hike, then they will be sending a loud and clear message to the American people that they are irresponsible and unfit to govern.”
Economists have said raising taxes in a recession would only stifle job creation and worsen the economy:
“Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said in a research note released Sept. 22 that even a temporary failure by Congress to extend the cuts may erase U.S. economic growth in the first half of next year.” (Ryan J. Donmoyer, “Durbin Says Democrats Will Back Obama’s Plan on Tax Cuts for Middle Class,” Bloomberg, 09/26/10)
Yet Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leaders refuse to make an honest up-or-down vote on the devastating tax hike a priority in their agenda:
“Pelosi on Friday said she may call for a vote in the coming week, but Democrats ‘will retain the right to proceed as we choose.’” (“GOP, Democrats spar over vote on tax policy,” MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, 09/26/10)
As Election Day draws nearer, House Democrats’ continued inaction on the Obama tax hike will serve as a reminder to voters across the country that the priorities of the current Majority are not in line with those of the American people. 

Visit the NRCC’s Democrat Tax Tracker for more information.

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