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Is Tom Corbett Hiding From Grover Norquist Because He Broke Norquist’s No Tax Pledge?

Is Tom Corbett Hiding From Grover Norquist Because He Broke Norquist’s No Tax Pledge?

Norquist is in Pennsylvania tonight to campaign with Republicans, Corbett not scheduled to attend

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, will be in Pennsylvania visiting with Republican candidates, but Tom Corbett is not listed to attend. Tom Corbett signed Norquist’s no tax pledge, but recently broke it by proposing a $3 billion tax on middle class Pennsylvanians.

“Tom Corbett wants to levy a $3 billion tax on Pennsylvanians despite his no tax pledge gimmick,” said Mark Nicastre a spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “Even the organization that wrote the pledge, Americans for Tax Reform, said that Corbett’s $3 billion tax on the middle class violates their pledge. Is Tom Corbett avoiding the President of Americans for Tax Reform because he doesn’t want to explain why he proposed a $3 billion tax on middle class Pennsylvanians despite signing the organization’s gimmick pledge?”

It’s a Tax The group who authored Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett’s “no tax increases” pledge says his proposal to hike employee contributions to Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation fund would count as a tax hike. [WDUQ, 10/8/10]

Has Tom Corbett Already Broken His No-Tax Pledge? Our Podcasting Pal Scott Detrow swings for the fences this afternoon in a post examining whether the Republican gubernatorial nominee has already reneged on his famed no-taxes pledge by saying during last month’s debate against Democrat Dan Onorato that he’d consider raising employee contributions into PA’s unemployment compensation fund to pay back the billions of dollars that PA borrowed from the feds to make benefit payments. [Capitol Ideas, 10/7/10]

Americans for Tax Reform: it’s a tax increase* At first glance, The Americans for Tax Reform “no new taxes” pledge for gubernatorial candidates seems about as straightforward as it gets. “I,_______, PLEDGE TO TAXPAYERS OF THE STATE OF ______, THAT I WILL OPPOSE AND VETO ANY AND ALL EFFORTS TO INCREASE TAXES.” That’s the pledge Republican Tom Corbett signed during the spring primary, and has since turned into a centerpiece of his stump speech and advertising campaign. Democratic opponent Dan Onorato has made the pledge an issue, too, calling it a “gimmick,” and saying Corbett has no intention of honoring it. [Scott Detrow, WITF, 10/7/10]

Corbett wants a $3 billion tax on workers. “But despite Corbett’s words, in his first debate with Onorato, Corbett said he was willing to consider increasing the amount that taxpayers pay into the Unemployment Compensation, or UC, Fund.” [KDKA, 10/5/10]

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