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Joe Sestak Rallies in Erie, Addresses Potential Consequences of Toomey’s Out-of-Touch Policies

Joe Sestak Rallies in Erie, Addresses Potential  Consequences of Toomey’s Out-of-Touch Policies

ERIE, Pa. – Rallying a crowd of more than 100 at West Perry Square with ten days until  the election, U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak urged supporters to get out the vote and make sure Pennsylvanians know the difference between his practical approach and Congressman Toomey’s out-of-touch views that include support for dangerous drilling in Lake Erie.

“Congressman Toomey is not a witch but his policies sure are scary. I don’t understand how he could ever think drilling in Lake Erie is a good idea, even after the oil spill in the Gulf,” said Joe. “But Congressman Toomey has spent his career as a Congressman and lobbyist working toward the interests of big oil, saying regulation of oil companies would be criminal. He even favors having them pay no taxes, having said he would prefer eliminating all corporate taxes over the middle class tax breaks in the Recovery Act. And he offers no way to pay for it.”

Joe supports Lake Erie, understanding its practical importance to the community. It generates an estimated $9 billion in tourism revenue, and provides fresh drinking water to some 30 million people. In Erie County, tourism jobs generate an estimated $278 million in wages, and Lake Erie is the state’s most visited tourist attraction, more popular than Hershey, Gettysburg, or even the Liberty Bell.

In addition to giving big oil free reign, Joe has reminded voters of Toomey’s policies supporting the elimination of corporate taxes (even though it would add $225 billion to the debt each year), privatization of Social Security and risking it in the stock market, and the removal of limits on campaign contributions, which would allow special interests to turn elections into auctions.

“I’m relying on the common sense of Pennsylvanians,” said Joe. “No one is going to be fooled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That’s Congressman Toomey. We’re going to make sure everyone knows it.”

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