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Palin Endorses Toomey

Palin Endorses Toomey

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, Sarah Palin endorsed Pat Toomey. Palin’s endorsement comes as recent independent polling shows that Joe Sestak has taken the lead in the Senate race. A Morning Call/Muhlenberg College Tracker poll showed Joe Sestak with a 44 to 41 lead over Pat Toomey.

“With his poll numbers tanking, Pat Toomey must be really desperate to roll out the endorsement of Sarah Palin,” said Mark Nicastre a spokesman with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “It just goes to show that Pat Toomey has far more in common with Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell and Sharon Angle than he does with the people of Pennsylvania. Toomey is an ideological extremist who is even more extreme than Rick Santorum so this endorsement from fellow extremist Sarah Palin was a long time coming. Now that Sarah Palin has endorsed Pat Toomey to bolster his sagging poll numbers, we just want to know when Sarah Palin is coming to Pennsylvania to endorse Pat Toomey in person so Toomey can get the real Sarah Palin boost.” 

From Facebook: Sarah Palin’s Full Endorsement of Pat Toomey

Energy Producing and Manufacturing States Must Send Job Creators to D.C.
by Sarah Palin on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 11:02am

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think cap-and-tax could potentially be more disastrous to our economy than Obamacare because it would devastate our businesses and cripple our energy and industrial sectors. Cap-and-tax would put the nail in the coffin for our manufacturing jobs and our resource development. That’s why it’s crucial we fight any and all efforts by the Obama administration to push for it. The only sure way to thwart this legislation in Congress is to send commonsense conservatives to D.C. After all, there were many so-called “moderate” Democrats who claimed to be against a European-style socialized health care takeover, and yet when push came to shove they voted in favor of Obamacare. We can’t trust them to consistently vote for fiscal sanity when their party leadership (who they voted for, though they now conveniently pretend they’ve never heard of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid!) pulls them in the opposite direction.

Senate races in particular have national significance when it comes to legislation like cap-and-tax. Our Senate is the most prestigious deliberative body in the world. One vote there has consequences extending far beyond that chamber. That’s why “rust belt” and energy producing states must get behind good candidates like John Raese in West Virginia, Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Joe Miller in Alaska, Rand Paul in Kentucky, Sharron Angle in Nevada, John Boozman in Arkansas, and Carly Fiorina in California. Your jobs depend on their ability to hold the line against job-killing legislation.

People in these states have a clear choice on November 2nd. They can vote for jobs or vote for unemployment.

– Sarah

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