PPP Poll: Pennsylvania Sees Increase in Support for Same-Sex Marriage

lgbt-pa-flagA year after the legalization of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania, the latest numbers from the recent PPP survey show a record level of support.

Since 2011, the percentage of those who support gay marriage has increased from 36% to 51%. Meanwhile, the percentage of those who oppose gay marriage has decreased from 52% to 41%.

Overall, women are more inclined to support same-sex marriage as 57% support it while only 36% oppose it. 29% of men, however, say that the legalization of gay marriage has had a negative impact on their lives, while only 17% of women claim that to be true.

Significantly more Democrats are in favor of gay marriage (68%) than Republicans (26%). However, only 36% of Republicans claim that the legalization of gay marriage has had a negative impact on their lives, while 58% say that it has no impact.

While there remains a significant percentage of Pennsylvanians who are opposed to gay marriage, only 22% claim that the legalization of it has had a negative impact on their lives. The other 78% believe that it has either had a positive impact on their lives or has not affected them in any way.

There was a significant difference between blacks and whites in their opinion of gay marriage. While only 47% of whites support gay marriage, 79% of blacks believe that same-sex marriage should be allowed.

Finally, gay marriage sees the most support from the age group of 18-29 (33%) while only 8% of those older than 65 support it.

“Pennsylvania mirrors what we’re finding across the country,” reported President of Public Policy Polling Dean Debnam. “Very few people think that gay marriage becoming legal has had a negative impact, and in fact gay marriage has become more popular since being put into effect most places.”

Public Policy Polling surveyed 799 registered voters from May 21st to 24th. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 3.5%. 80% of interviews for the poll were conducted over the phone with 20% interviewed over the internet.

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