Uh Oh. Gerlach Lied Again

Uh Oh. Gerlach Lied Again.
Trivedi Calls on Gerlach to Pull Down Ad Full of Lies

ELVERSON, Pa. – Manan Trivedi’s neighbors up in Berks County got some more surprises over the weekend — lies from their congressman about the candidate for Congress they know so well. With each point of attack containing misinformation, Trivedi called on Congressman Jim Gerlach to take down the patently false ad he is airing in Berks County.

Trivedi has been spending the last year during this campaign, and his whole life before that, listening to the concerns of his friends and neighbors of Berks County. Congressman Jim Gerlach, on the other hand, refuses to even include them in the political discourse. He refuses to debate Trivedi in Berks County, most likely because he knows the people of Berks will hold him accountable for his years of going down to Washington and bailing out Wall Street banks, protecting tax breaks for outsourcing corporations, and rewarding himself with pay raises while ignoring the whole 6th District.

“These attacks and lies are starting to get ridiculous, Jim,” Trivedi said. “I understand that these are the Washington ways, but don’t you think it’s time the people in Berks County actually heard from you, instead of seeing your paid advertising spreading lies about me? First, take down that ridiculous ad. Then, quit ignoring my neighbors and come up here so we can compare our records face-to-face.”

See the discrepancies between Jim Gerlach’s out-of-touch world and reality, and why this ad needs to be pulled from the airways:

1) In Congressman Gerlach’s out-of-touch world, Trivedi supports “16 new taxes.” In reality, that is patently false, and Trivedi has even publicly opposed a number of those taxes and fought to cut costs in the healthcare system. But Congressman Gerlach needs to distract from his plans to cost the taxpayers over $400 billion by repealing the health insurance reforms1.

2) In Congressman Gerlach’s out-of-touch world, Trivedi will kill jobs with his energy policy — and apparently you can also completely ignore the content of the article you cite. In reality, here is what the cited article says: “Trivedi also said, if elected, he would vote for cap and trade to reduce pollutants in the air, so long as it did not affect jobs or utility rates2” [emphasis added].

3) In Congressman Gerlach’s out-of-touch world, Trivedi supports “rationing care and hurting seniors.” In reality, in the cited forum or at any point in his life, Trivedi has never said that he supports rationing care. Further, the idea that any doctor, or any person, wants to hurt seniors is utterly ridiculous, and Trivedi thinks Congressman Gerlach’s campaign should apologize to seniors for attempting to employ these tired old embarrassing scare tactics aimed at seniors.

Click here to see the video Trivedi recorded to respond to another mailer full of lies that Gerlach sent to Trivedi’s neighbors in Berks County.


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