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Will Doug Mastriano Run For U.S. Senate?

Mastriano on Stage

He says he and his wife are praying on the decision.

And that a decision will be announced this week via Facebook Live.

Will he? Or won’t he?

That’s the question we have for you today.

Will Doug Mastriano run for the U.S. Senate?

Our reader poll closes at noon on Wednesday … or sooner if an announcement is made. So vote today.

Will Doug Mastriano Run For U.S. Senate?

  • No. Not Enough Support From Mainstream GOP. (91%)
  • Yes. Let Doug Be Doug. (9%)

Total Voters: 892

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16 Responses

  1. The R’s are swooning like bobbysoxers at Frank Sinatra over a hedge fund billionaire as their savior for the US Senate. Frankly, the condescending attitude toward Mastriano is worrisome. Tortoise and the hare come to mind and all the Kmart pundits forget is that Gov Shapiro is a great politician. Sen Mastriano lost to an exceptional political leader and not by as much as one would expect. So now all the Walmart politicos are denouncing Sen Mastriano for Senate and throwing bouquets at their hedge fund heartthrob in the Senate race. Big mistake! Mastriano can win as anything can happen in politics between now and Nov 2024. Mastriano actually has better name recognition than other Senate challengers.

    1. What an incredibly dense assessment. Disconnect your straw from the dougie kool aid you’re drinking. Doug mastriano is a once in a generation candidate, in that he is the biggest failure of a candidate ever seen.

  2. Doug will be Doug and run. The question is can Republican Primary voters use their heads and nominate Dave McCormick, who has a legitimate shot at defeating Bobby “huh?” Casey, who has cast a yes vote for every single crazy spending package Schumer, Pelosi and Biden have put forward over the last two years. Casey, the former moderate from Scranton, now with the progressive left and lefty seatmate “Jumpin’ Johnny Fetterman! Of course if Trump leads the R ticket, the race becomes all about Trump – don’t see a good outcome regardless of Republican running for Senate.

    1. Dumb Donald and Ding Dong Doug are 2 of a kind egomaniacs. Republicans get what they deserve if the majority of them vote for either of these insurrectionist idiots.

  3. Doug left ONE MILLION DOLLARS In his governor campaign fund for his run for US SENATE.

  4. Ding Dong Doug is an INSURRECTIONIST who is barred from running. He failed to uphold his oath of office.

  5. I voted for him in the past and thought he was a good man. Recently found out how insincere he really is. Truly seems to be all about power and money to him and his posse.

  6. We lost the PA House because serial narcissist “Disaster Doug” is selfish! NO!

  7. It will be interesting to see if Doug does run, whether he learned anything from his crimially negligent campaign for governor. Can he raise money?
    Can he talk to media outside of the right wing bubble? Ca he get along with national and PA GOP groups that aren’t 100% Trump aligned? I don’t think he will have learned anything and will still be fleeing reporters from the Oil City Derrick in a Senate campaign. His policies are also far outside of the mainstream values of most Pennsylvanians, as we saw from his 800,000 vote loss to Shapiro.

  8. DO NOT RUN. Too far Right. Most GOP who’s doors I knocked hated Mastriano. Most of his fellow Legislators can’t stand him. I had to beg people not to vote for Shapiro and just leave it blank. Smug, arrogant and he brought the ENTIRE State Ticket down. His Campaign was a mess with people who loved photo ops but didn’t work or raise money and blamed everyone for their issues. He needs to put his ego away, tell Pennsylvania he’s sorry for being so awful and just go away.

    1. Mastriano brought our whole Republican ticket down. He was very unlikable as a candidate. We can only PRAY that he won’t let his rather large ego convince him to run again. We would like to win!

      1. You will never win. Did you not just watch this week’s election? Massive cheating and crucified all good things we MAGA stand for. I doubt you are involved more than passively. We need leaders not cheerleaders

    2. We are asking you to go away. The enemy is at the gates. Funny how you fail to acknowledge any election fraud. We found he actually won. Perhaps return to the rock you live under

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