Former CIA Counter-Intelligence Officer Enters PA-7 Race

Former CIA Counter-Intelligence Officer Shelly Chauncey announced her bid Monday for the Democratic nomination in the 7th Congressional district.

“I’m running for Congress in the community where I’ve lived for years because I see it as a moral obligation.  I’m running because we aren’t going to see real change in Washington unless we send different kinds of people there,” Chauncey said in a release announcing her bid.  

Chauncey began her campaign in earnest last week, prior to the bombshell report that current 7th district Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) settled the sexual harassment claim with a former staffer.  Meehan has denied the allegations.  

Chauncey worked at the CIA for 10 years after graduating college.  In her announcement, Chauncey says she is a “cancer survivor and an advocate for children with special needs, having adopted a child from foster care with special needs.”

Chauncey joins Democrats Drew McGinty, an IT professional; Elizabeth Moro, a realtor; attorney Dan Muroff; and Molly Sheehan, a biomedical researcher in the race.  State Sen. Daylin Leach entered the race, but is “taking a step back” after sexual harassment allegations against him.

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18 thoughts on “Former CIA Counter-Intelligence Officer Enters PA-7 Race”

  1. Thomas Cain says:

    Shelly’s 37 and worked for the CIA for 15years. You add in 3 years of law school, which means she started working for the CIA at age 19? Something is not right. You do NOT work your way from a CIA secretary into being a CIA officer without a bachelors degree. Either she lied about her length or her position with the CIA.

    1. Barricks Einwohner says:

      The article says she worked for the CIA for ten years after college.

      1. jack says:

        It seems quote clear she was support personnel, and was not actually an operative herself. Given how much Dems distrust the CIA, I don’t know why she’s pretending to be some sort of mastermind. It’s pretty clear from seeing her speak that she’s never masterminded anything.

        Also, did ya’ll hear that she doesn’t support Dreamers?

  2. Prophet A. Jones says:

    L I T E R A L L Y
    C O N I N T E L P R O

  3. GJM says:

    I didn’t say Russian involvement ultimately affected the outcome, but it definitely had an influence on many voters. The invlvement is much deeper than we initially thought. Apparently the NRA was using Russian money to aid Trump’s campaign. And by the way, Hillary won the popular vote.

    1. FJC says:

      You didn’t say Hillary won the popular vote again, did you?
      I can’t believe this is still something people say!
      Let’s look at baseball – Trump and Hillary Play Baseball and Trump wins 10-2.
      For the next two years, Hillary fans keep reminding Trump fans that Hillary had more doubles!
      WHO CARES?
      Whoever has the most runs wins the game! Trump won! Move on!!

  4. chris says:

    Molly Sheehan is already the progressive choice.

  5. jack dean says:

    So she felt morally compelled, but only after Leach and Meehan are caught being pervs and the district lines will be redrawn? Me smells an opportunist and the party trying to get the swamp in the race at the last minute.

    If she were so compelled to serve, she’s run for Barrar’s seat!

  6. DelcoSocialist says:

    This is so gross. We are not having it.

  7. Observer says:

    This is bullshit. ANY CIA employee does NOT represent progressive voters! Deep State trojan horse!!!

  8. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I think for Emily’s List will support her candidacy for congress in 2018.

    1. jack dean says:

      I tend to agree, only because they are part of the swamp and work hand-in-hand with the dccc. she is a horrible candidate, but they won’t care as long as the party money flows to consultants.

  9. jim says:

    CIA Counter-Intelligence Officer = Swamp Creature

    1. Observer says:

      Got that right!

      1. GJM says:

        Only mentally frail individuals believe in the “Deep State”. Just a way for corrupt GOPers to avoid taking responsibility or holding their own accountable. Nice try. Bet you still think there was no Russion involvement in the election and that Trump is qualified to be president.

        1. jim says:

          The Russians did not affect the outcome of the election (it’s a pathetic excuse for Hillary losing) and Donald Trump is/was not qualified to be President. Joe Biden would have beaten him easily.

        2. Prophet A. Jones says:

          If you care about Russian influence, do you care about Israeli influence?

    2. Isaac L. says:

      Yeah, I guess we should just let foreign intelligence agents do whatever they want in our country. Why not roll out the welcome mat for Putin’s FSB and any other hostile country’s spies to do as much snooping as they like and try to compromise our government.

      Do you guys actually know what counterintelligence is?

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