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Meehan Settled Sexual Harassment Claim With Staffer

Congressman Pat Meehan paid thousands of dollars out of his office budget to settle a sexual harassment claim from a former staffer, the New York Times reported Sunday.

Speaking with 10 of the unnamed staffer’s friends and former colleagues, the Times reports that Meehan expressed romantic interest in her over a period of time, eventually growing hostile when she did not reciprocate.

From the Times:

But after the woman became involved in a serious relationship with someone outside the office last year, Mr. Meehan professed his romantic desires for her — first in person, and then in a handwritten letter — and he grew hostile when she did not reciprocate, the people familiar with her time in the office said.

Life in the office became untenable, so she initiated the complaint process, started working from home and ultimately left the job. She later reached a confidential agreement with Mr. Meehan’s office that included a settlement for an undisclosed amount to be paid from Mr. Meehan’s congressional office fund.

Update: Meehan denies the allegations against him.

“Congressman Meehan denies the allegations. Throughout his career he has always treated his colleagues male and female with the utmost respect and professionalism. In this case, the employee, represented by counsel, made certain assertions of inappropriate behavior which were investigated. With respect to resolving any allegation made against the office, Congressman Meehan would only act with advice of House Counsel and consistent with House Ethics Committee guidance. Every step of the process was handled ethically and appropriately. At Congressman Meehan’s request, the congressional attorneys handling the case have asked the complainant’s counsel to release all parties from the confidentiality requirements of the agreement to ensure a full and open airing of all the facts. The Congressman is hopeful that they will agree to this request for full transparency,” Meehan spokesman John Elizandro told PoliticsPA.

“Rep. Meehan believes there must be real reform to the process for resolving complaints so that those who are truly wronged are given a fair forum to be heard and vindicated, and those accused are provided with an ability to respond to baseless accusations. The public to whom elected officials are answerable must be provided with a true sense of the facts and circumstances involved.”

Meehan, a former Delaware County District Attorney, has long outperformed other Republicans in the southeast Pa. district. For example, Hillary Clinton won the 7th district by two points, while Meehan won re-election by 19 points. He currently has over $2.4 million in his campaign account. He was heavily recruited to run against Senator Bob Casey but declined late last year.

But 2018 is shaping up to be a difficult election year for Republicans and already four Democrats have declared candidacies to challenge him. The Times report will almost certainly catapult PA-7 to the top of Democrats’ list of House targets. The declared candidates are Drew McGinty, an IT professional; Elizabeth Moro, a realtor; attorney Dan Muroff; and Molly Sheehan, a biomedical researcher.

McGinty issued a statement Saturday calling on Meehan to resign.

“Patrick Meehan’s secretive settlement is just another example of Washsington’s incompetence when handling issues related to sexual misconduct. Meehan was voted in to support the best interests of the 7th district, but instead used his power to personally and financially attack a staffer. His actions are appalling and today I am calling on Meehan to immediately resign from Congress,” McGinty said.

A fifth candidate, State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montco), suspended his bid in light of sexual harassment allegations that were reported in December.

68 Responses

  1. I’m sorry but Joe Billie is a rolling joke among many PA07 GOP voters and doesn’t have enough credibility or $$$ behind him to be a serious contender. If he had started sooner maybe? And who the heck is Dan Muroff? I’ve lived in the PA07 my whole life, the fact that district residents have NO idea who this guy doesn’t bode well. Daylin in DOA. He always was an outlier in the race anyway as he covers the Mainline and Norristown…not the delco parts of the district. Good luck running in the PA07 if you have mainline ties…

    I find it interesting this crops up right around the redistrict decision…

  2. I’m sorry but Joe Billie is a rolling joke among many PA07 GOP voters and doesn’t have enough credibility or $$$ behind him to be a serious contender. And who the heck is Dan Muroff? I’ve lived in the PA07 my whole life, the fact that district residents have NO idea who this guy doesn’t bode well. Daylin in DOA. He always was an outlier in the race anyway as her covers the Mainline and Norristown…not the delco parts of the district.

    I find it interesting this crops up right around the redistrict decision…

  3. So what…the godfather used to pay hoes to come into the Supreme Court when he was in charge, then he would take the money back as a payment on fines. Same difference.

  4. Pat Meehan must resign. His poor judgement is reflected in every decision he’s made to get himself into this mess.

    He must resign.


  5. Another turd floating around the bowl…someone promised to drain the swamp. I’d just appreciate regular flushing of the toilet these days…
    And we’re nowhere near done with the cesspool in Harrisburg. More to come, they’re letting those turds pop to the surface strategically. God, it stinks, someone please flush then spray!

  6. I found the campaign page for Joe Billie (I actually thought that was a nickname, and not his real last name).

    His crowdPAC site says: he served in “Dersert Storm” (yes, misspelled)

    His platform:

    I support the American First Agenda;

    Build the wall
    Defund Planned parenthood
    Defend 2A
    REPEAL (not replace!) the disaster known as Obamacare
    Term Limits

    The wall is stupid and and a non-starter in Delco and the 7th. the 7th regularly votes for pro-choice and Planned Parenthood candidates. Santorum, Toomey, Trump, Romney, McCain, Bush all routinely lose. It’s not a district were NRA and 2nd amendment @ssholes are a campaign issue. Obamacare is so popular that even Meehan wouldn’t vote to defund it, when it came to a real vote under Trump. Term limits is a fake promise that never gets a vote.

    So, another right-wing nutjob spouting “Make America Great Again” on his website that only someone like Sklaroff would support. Zero traction in the district and the Delco GOP would never endorse. They’ll probably pull Killion into it. Trump is a popular in the 7th as a case of herpes.

      1. h ttps://w ww.face book.c om/photo.p hp?fbid=10216126709299984&set=p.10216126709299984&type=3&theater

        “Meehan Said, Border Wall Doesn’t Make Sense”

  7. Why can’t we just contract out all government services to Mexican politicians who would no doubt be willing to cheat taxpayers for a lot less money.

  8. This explains why the dem party has been recruiting a CIA operative with no political experience. They must be assuming it’ll be a special election and they can push another neoliberal hack down our necks.

    zack bissell – have you ever seen Muroff speak? He’s a dud. He got 4/4 in 2016 for the 2nd.

  9. Story clearly says he used his campaign fund money – that’s not taxpayer dollars, it’s money he raised for his campaign. There’s no apparent sexual contact between the two, only an alleged infatuation that was not reciprocated, making for a difficult working relationship. She complained and a resolution was reached for which she was appropriately compensated (since she obviously agreed to the settlement). Not sure why the lynch mob is out for the guy other than he’s a Republican that Democrats want to beat.

    1. Scratch what I said – Congressional office fund is taxpayer money… He should reimburse the taxpayers personally for the money paid in the settlement.

      1. More scratching is needed, per this Republican, because your proposed remedy fails to rectify initial faulty decision.

      2. Watching and Waiting-

        Paul Ryan has asked for Meehan to reimburse the taxpayers and is conducting a new Ethics Committee review of Meehan (who has been kicked off the Ethics Committee).

        I take it that your point (which Sklaroff missed, as usual) is that if they had to pay for claims themselves, that it might deter their behavior.

        I think also removing the non-disclosure shield for the congressmen (and keeping it for the victims) is the plan going forward.

        1. the point, which d2 missed [as usual] is that this swift reaction sends a MESSAGE that he should evade investigation by prompting quitting

    1. Bill-

      Meehan’s “denial” is to ask for the non-disclosure agreement to be released … which would then violate the privacy of the young woman he harassed.

      Her lawyer responded that his client wants her privacy (and Meehan knows it). Also, he says that Meehan originally insisted on non-disclosure. But, now, since Meehan’s been found out, he’s trying to victimize the girl again by asking her to expose her identity.

      The NY Times was pretty clear that the evidence against Meehan includes a handwritten note. I bet that note could be disclosed with the girl’s name redacted to shut Meehan up.

      But, by admitting there is a non-disclosure agreement, Meehan has essentially confirmed the story.

      1. For once
        We agree
        Perhaps recalling that broken sweephand clock
        That is correct twice daily

      2. Haiku:

        For once, we concur
        Recall broken sweephand clock
        Correct, twice daily

      3. Put all the evidence out there so we can this he said, she said leaving a cloud of doubt hanging over all

  10. {[(oink-oink)]}

    “House speaker Paul D. Ryan said that Mr. Meehan was being removed immediately from the House Ethics Committee, where he has helped investigate sexual misconduct claims, and that the panel would investigate the allegations against him. In addition, Mr. Ryan told Mr. Meehan that he should repay the taxpayer funds.”

    htt ps://mob ile.ny m/2018/01/20/us/politics/patrick-meehan-sexual-harassment.html?referer=http%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.c om

  11. I would 3 things to happen here and that is 1. Pat Meehan needs to resign due to him breaking his term limit pledge and sexual harassment allegations are going on all around him right now. 2. And get Dan Muroff and Joe Billie is to be the Democratic and Republican Nominees is to run in the November 2018’s Midterm elections and have Dan Muroff winning this seat from the Republicans in November is by defeating Joe Billie and he also has name recognition from his pervious run for Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District in 2016. 3. Get Dan Muroff is to run in a serious campaign to congress this time for the November’s General election and that way for the Democrats can get the majority very easily with Dan Muroff most likely winning Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District in 2018 and put Washington, D.C. and he also has Ed Rendell’s support but i’m hoping for Tom Wolf do the same is to endorse Dan Muroff for congress in 2018 as well because for Dan Muroff will win this seat 100% in 2018.

  12. 7th district needs to elect a new person to this seat. Pat Meehan has lost credibility with the people he represents.

    1. I agree with you ken on your comment and I think for that person will be Democrat Dan Muroff because he will win this seat 100% and consider supporting Dan too.

      1. Neither leach or Murofff will be dem nominee. There is a candidate who just needs to work out their employment sitauion. The dccc is resting easier tonight

        1. Louis-

          Petitions are 3 weeks away (unless an emergency redistricting moves the date). No one else is getting in on the Dem side (though, who knows what Lindy Li will do).

          Does your alleged candidate even live in the 7th district?

          Leach is done. Dan’s in a good position, and just got the Plumber’s Union endorsement, which carries weight in Delco.

          Given the number of candidates, I don’t know if Dan or any of the others will be able to make the threshold for county party endorsements (which help a lot).

          It’s still to early to tell if Meehan will resign or have a primary challenger.

          1. Joe Billie is running

            I thought you knew everything

            Fyi, know that Dean h. Malik, esq. Is challenging brother brian.

          2. Sklaroff-

            Sorry that I’m not as up on GOP nutjobs as you are. “Joe Billie” isn’t going anywhere.

            As for Malik, Brian Fitzpatrick is safe in his incumbency from a realistic primary challenge from Malik.

            In Feb 2016 there was a article about a run by Malik, but it never materialized. He wasn’t on the primary ballot, and I don’t believe that he even submitted petitions.

            So, this is another of your fantasy candidates.

    1. If Sklaroff knows about it in advance, it must be some seriously right-wing nut job.

      While McGarrigle is a possible contender, Tom Killion is also a likely candidates. Killion’s seat isn’t on the ballot again until 2020, so he can safely run, without risking his state senate seat if he loses.

      The fact that no one knows who “Joe Billie” refers to is an indication of how out-of-touch a candidate Sklaroff is backing.

  13. While this article states “sexual harassment allegations” against a Senator seems to me there were no actual harassment complaints. I hope people will take a minute to research the facts and remember in this country people are innocent until proven guilty. There is a big difference, Meehan paid off a woman with taxpayer funds. What I read of the other case was women said they felt uncomfortable but there was no accusation of actual misconduct. Isn’t that very different?

    1. Patriotic and Independent

      If you’re referring to Daylin, there were complaints to the party leadership. Daylin was told never to go near at least one of the women (basically an internal restraining order). What you haven’t seen in the news, but is common knowledge among those of us doing political work, is that behind the scenes, Daylin’s accusers were further harassed with threats against their jobs and future careers. This is like what Harvey Weinstein was doing behind the scenes to silence his victims.

      So, Daylin’s “cries” of innocence are complete bullsh*t in light of his VERY ACTIVE efforts to suppress the stories from coming out. The cover-up was worse than the crime, because Daylin can try to laugh-off his remarks as jokes, but he can’t explain away harassing phone calls to the women to threaten them into silence. That’s where Daylin’s story falls apart and why he MUST resign.

      1. There has not been one verified claim of what you post. Sad to see this bandwagon mentality infect the conversation.

        1. Patriotic and Independent-

          No. You are wrong. I’ve spoken to two of the women who said they received phone calls from team Daylin threatening them and their future job prospects. From friends of mine who know the other women, I’ve learned that this is standard practice to hide Daylin’s misbehavior.

          It’s not been “verified” in the news reports, but it’s been verified enough for me from my sources with knowledge of how Daylin and his supporters have handled this.

          1. What a load of crap. Not one woman has made any such claim. Your bias is showing here. You just hate this guy for no reason. What a lowlife way to push a petty grudge.

          2. Patriotic and Independent-

            No. MANY women have made that claim, and I’ve spoken to two of them already and gotten confirmation (above and beyond my circle of political friends who have spoken to more of the women). The behind the scenes harassment is pretty much a universal constant in all of this.

            Try talking to the women and ask about the push-back they got from Daylin’s campaign and see how “innocent” you still think Daylin is.

  14. No way should our tax money pay for these claims. All those who’ve stolen this money from us should be made to reimburse it out of their own millions…and not one tax payer can imagine that happening in the system of, by and for they the connected.

    Leach is still an announced candidate, and the only Dem so far with an ounce of name recognition.

    1. Daylin’s “name-recognition” is now as a harasser. He’s too egotistical and narcissistic to own up and pay the price for his behavior. But, he’s done politically and needs to resign.

      1. I’m hoping for people in this District should vote for Dan Muroff because he will win this time better than his 2016 run for congress in Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District.

      2. Diano and his petty grudge against Daylin is just sad. He is now resorting to just making crap up. Leach has been great senator. Many more women said he treated them with respect and promoted them. This has gone from sad to disgusting what this guy is pushing.

    2. I think for Dan Muroff also have name recognition due to his run for Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District in 2016 against the embattled incumbent back then remember.

  15. Likely GOP to run:

    Possibly Tom McGarrigle? He’s a state senator in the 26th with registration numbers:
    Dem: 71,943
    Rep: 78,610
    Other: 20,953

    That senate district is in play in a wave year. So, McGarrigle might like his chances better in the most gerrymandered district in the country.

    If the state supreme court strikes down the current gerrymander, then all bets are off. The district could suddenly become a Dem majority district and the GOP has to put up a sacrificial lamb for a change.

      1. 7th District Republicans have a deep bench, There is already a line of people much more qualified than Joe Billie ready to jump into this race.

  16. Hey Pat – remember your position on the Ethics panel that you “Quote” so proudly….WELL GET OUT OF CONGRESS NOW
    picking on a YOUNG girl shows it is time to go!!!!

    1. Did you hear that Rep Meehan? The operative words here are sexual misconduct
      The request for you is down pat- no pun and no ambiguity intended.

      Say something once- why say it again!?

      1. Make that run away. Better run run run better run away!
        Oh! Psycho loser- ques es say!

        Did you hear that Rep Meehan? The operative words here are sexual misconduct
        The request for you is down pat- no pun and no ambiguity intended.

        Say something once- why say it again!?

  17. He should resign and reimburse the taxpayers with interest. He used our hard earned dollars to fund this settlement.

  18. Meehan is on Ethics Committee, in charge of investigating problems like this. Fox guarding the hen-house.

    Daylin has zero credibility challenging Meehan on this issue (unless it’s the: takes-one-to-know-one argument)

    If Meehan resigns, or decides to serve out his term but not run, that could cause a GOP primary in the 7th, and possibly split the GOP come November.

    If redistricting goes through, and there is an open seat, the GOP is in serious trouble in this district.

    I’ve long said that only redistricting or scandal could unseat Meehan. (Now that there is a scandal, it could be a two-fer with redistricting.)

    With redistricting, it is STILL a VERY difficult seat, even in a wave year.

    1. I think for Dan Muroff and Joe Billie will be the Nominees is to run for this seat in the November’s 2018’s Midterm elections. and for Dan Muroff will win in November due to his name Recognition from his run for Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District in 2016.

    2. You are the one with zero credibility. What exactly is up with this grudge you have with Daylin?

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