HDCC Makes PA Women’s History

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On the heels of PoliticsPA’s reader poll about female representation in Congress, the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee announced Thursday that a total of 28 Democratic women are in the running for Republican-held House seats this year.

“We are setting out to change the face of the Legislature in 2014,” said PA HDCC Chair Rep. Tim Briggs (D-Montgomery). “I wanted to recruit better candidates this cycle but I also wanted to focus on recruiting strong women in our most viable seats to address the lack of equal representation in the House. We were more successful than I ever expected and I look forward to making gains towards a Democratic majority.”

Briggs said that because of “the destructive policies of the Republican-controlled legislature,” he believes that each female candidate has a strong chance of getting elected in her district. He sees this as especially true as more polls come out showing the public’s displeasure with the Republicans currently serving.

“This election will be a referendum on Governor Corbett and his rubber stamps in the House,” Briggs said.

HDCC Vice-Chair Rep. Tina Davis (D-Bucks) also had positive things to say about Democrats running this year, both men and women.

“This is an impressive slate of Democratic candidates,” said Davis. “The women who have stepped up to run are the best leaders of our business, non-profit and civic communities. The 2014 election will be truly historic and exciting. Voters are tired of the failed governance of the GOP and this year they will have inspiring alternatives on the ballot.”

Pennsylvania has historically shown women being poorly represented in the state legislature, consistently ranking as one of the worst states in the nation. Currently, a mere 17.8% of women occupy state seats.

For an interesting comparison, women make up 28% of the Parliament in Afghanistan. In the United States as a whole, only 18% of women hold federal-level seats.

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2 thoughts on “HDCC Makes PA Women’s History”

  1. Militant Republican Moderate says:

    The Republicans also have some outstanding women running for the legislature. Sarah Armstrong in the 166th is worth watching. She is running against Greg Vitalli, a long term member, who has accomplished very little in his time Harrisburg.

  2. John Cherb says:

    If these ladies are elected, I sure hope they
    correct all of the problems created by BO.,
    i.e. IRS lies, health, care lies, unemployment in the multi millions, lies
    about bengouzi, and on and o

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