McCord Teases Governor’s Campaign in Interview


State Treasurer Rob McCord

Well it may not be official, but Rob McCord’s campaign for Governor certainly appears like it’s well under way.

This morning, Keystone Politics published an interview with the presumptive candidate, serving up a series of questions that allowed the State Treasurer to lay out a potential campaign platform.

Although McCord has yet to formally announce he will seek the governorship, there seems to be little doubt remaining as to his intentions. For instance, in the course of the interview, McCord answered several questions with the phrase “as Governor.” McCord took this opportunity to both lay in to Governor Corbett and outline what he would do differently if elected.

On the issue of education, for example, McCord said that he favors moving away from the state’s current reliance on property taxes to fund schools, as it perpetuates an uneven system. He also noted the current administration’s complicity in exacerbating the problem of statewide underfunding and neglect.

“As governor, I will lead a conversation about how we can more effectively ensure that our public dollars are fairly and effectively delivered to our school districts,” McCord stated. “Clearly, it [the administration] has NOT made public school funding a priority, and has generally made education issues a lower priority than liquor sales, for example.”

Throughout the interview, McCord seemed set on creating an image of ‘general problem solver.’ He spoke about how his experience as treasurer and businessman will give him the tools to make policy decisions that are based in pragmatism rather than unwavering ideology.

“We can’t keep approaching the same problems the same way and expect different outcomes or miracle solutions,” he said in what could serve as a potential slogan for his campaign.

The declared Democratic candidates for Governor include fellow former DEP Secretaries John Hanger and Katie McGinty, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, and former Secretary of the Department of Revenue Tom Wolf.

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3 thoughts on “McCord Teases Governor’s Campaign in Interview”

  1. Jeremy-

    How much did McCord actually have to campaign in a presidential year?

    He won, and saved some money for his war chest.

    Sounds fiscally responsible. 🙂

  2. Jeremy says:

    McCord has one advantage. Everyone connected to Harrisburg is supporting him.

    McCord has one disadvantage. He is the worst campaigner I remember in recent history. At least for an elected person, that is. Why didn’t he campaign his mind out when he was running for Treasurer in 2012. It would have been a great spring board for him into Guv in 2014.

  3. frank says:

    Wow this is so exciting another liberal from east.nobody even knows him and hes held office for 5 years

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