PA-Gov: Wolf Officially Names Neff SRC Chair

Wolf-concernedGovernor Wolf didn’t waste any time.

Within an hour after Green revealed he was being replaced as SRC Chair, the Governor’s office announced Marjorie Neff as his replacement.

Wolf’s statement solely concerned Neff’s qualifications and background and did not address Green or his plans to contest his demotion in court.

“The School District of Philadelphia is in dire financial straits, and our children are being put at a disadvantage as a result of misguided cuts and poor decisions,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “The district was forced to make major cutbacks in transportation, security, and janitorial services just to open on time last year. We must make new investments in education and provide a fresh path forward for Philadelphia’s schools.”

“Marjorie has dedicated her entire career to education, and she shares my vision for investing in public education so our children have the resources they need to succeed in a modern economy,” he continued. “I am confident that Marjorie will be able to engage in a collaborative way the different interests involved in leading the school district and it will be refreshing to have an educator who understands the needs of our schools as chair. I look forward to working with her to restore cuts and reverse the public education deficit in Philadelphia.”

The Governor’s office provided the following biographical information about Marjorie Neff:

Marjorie Neff is a career educator with 40 years’ experience. Most recently she served as the Principal of the Julia R. Masterman School, which is a special admissions school serving 1,200 Philadelphia students in grades 5-12. Prior to Masterman, Neff was the principal of Samuel Powel Elementary School in West Philadelphia. Powel serves 300 students in grades K-4. She began her career as a middle school teacher at Ada Lewis Middle School in Mt. Airy and later taught learning disabled and emotionally disturbed students at Fulton School in Germantown. She also served as an Instructional Support Teacher, providing instructional and technical support to Title I schools in West Philadelphia. Neff holds a Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility from St. Joseph’s University, Elementary Principal’s Certification and Special Education Supervisor’s Certification from Temple University. She received her Master of Education degree from Temple and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Westminster College. Neff lives in Mt Airy with her husband, Dan Winterstein. She has two sons, Jacob and Micah Winterstein. Both are graduates of Philadelphia Public Schools.

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