Paul Addis Focuses on Senate Bid

Paul-AddisBusinessman Paul Addis has informed PoliticsPA he is focusing on a bid for U.S. Senate in 2018.  He has not made a final decision yet.  

“I have decided to focus on the possibility of securing the Republican nomination for US Senate. The current incumbent, Senator Casey, lacks vision and workable strategies, which is the opposite of what America and Pennsylvania need,” Addis said in an email.  

“I will make a final decision in the near future about my intentions.”

Update: Addis was considering a run for either Governor or Senate, but has decided to focus on the Senate.

Addis is a former energy executive from Delaware County.  

State Representative Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny) and Jim Christiana (R-Beaver), and RNC Delegate Andrew Schektor have all announced bids for Senate.

April 12th, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Senate | 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Paul Addis Focuses on Senate Bid”

  1. jmarshak says:

    Don’t know anything about him, but for some reason he reminds me of Mr. Wilson from Dennis The Menace.

  2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Trump will stop him… soon as he figures out what country he bombed with those missles.

  3. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Energy executive? Sean Spicer will never let him run because he is a gasser.

  4. sonny says:

    This dude might as well jump in with the two other losers.

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